Animal slaughter

Trring….my alarm rang…well I was too lazy to wake up but had to. Sat down with the morning papers and a hot cup of coffee{that’s my daily dose without which I cannot kick start my morning}, there was the headline which hit me hard; regarding Supreme Court upholding the slaughter ban on the bulls and bullocks.
This news reminds me of a story shared by my teacher, about King Shivaji. It seems once King Shivaji was trying to save a cow from being slaughtered, by beheading the person who was in turn trying to slaughter the cow in the name of “sacrifice.”
I personally feel that whatever had been done a few hundred years ago must be repeated as any Supreme Court’s verdict will not make any difference on the ground. Killing innocent animals are indeed sinful and an eyesore. This killing cannot be stopped with Supreme Court’s verdict but by self-awareness and turning human beings rather than daemons.

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  1. Hi, Good Thoughts. I complity agree with you.I think, we at least need to ban Cow X-->SLU<--X in India.


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  3. hey good job done.Hope people realise about its effects.

  4. @ Ritwik, Thanks! Yes, it should be banned here atleast :)

    @ Archana, Thanks! Hope they realise :)


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