Praths n me

Praths and myself are gr8 frenz since childhood; she was my first friend when came to this house. Our temperaments match, ideas match a lot. During our scholastic days, we spoke a lot on common topics “cricket (esp. Dravid), Politics, amazing Indian roads and movies.” Now, when we meet, we just speak hours together on certain TECH-topics and never get bugged.
While returning home together from school, walking thru the roads used to scold the reckless ppl who didn’t bother to improve the roads despite collecting so much revenue.
Well, we still speak regarding these and our roads are much worse than they were yester years. At the same time, we watch those HI-FI buildings mushrooming in every nook & corner of the city, so many MNCs , shopping malls are coming up but still the fate of our roads remain the same.

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