Exams Concluded

It was 9:30 in the morning. I opened my eyes slowly staring at the clock, heard my dad say "Ega belagayitha?" (meaning "Its morning for you, now"). Well, its the usual time anyone may wakeup in the vacations...
Our 7th semester exams got over on 16th Jan-A sigh of relief!!! This time all subject papers were easy but I didn't do well as usual :-(

Inspite of exams, I never missed listening to Radiocity. It was RJs Sunaina and Darius Birthday on 4th & 5th of this month. Its so nice to listen to Sunaina after a long time.Darius spoke of the gift given by Aarthi. Belated wishes to you two!!!

Jan 6th was my school teacher Smt.Lalithamba birthday. I could not wish her sice my exams were going on... "Belated wishes to you, ma'am".

Then came on 18th Jan, the most awaited birthday of special childhood friend Prathima oops Praths!!! Our exams concluded on 16th and her exams commenced on 16h. Both were happy to see each other after a long, long time. Truly missed her. She was preparing hard for her exams. We chatted for around half an hour, then it was time for me to move. We had much to speak, so much to share.

Our vacations are till Feb 6th. Wish to enjoy with my friends a lot since this is the last semester we'll be together :-( Lots of plans ahead...

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    A small note: When writing any prose or poetry in the english language, always avoid SMS lingo. It makes reading more pleasurable.

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    Best Wishes,


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