Last Vacations

Feb 6th was the last day of last vacations of engineering. This time we had vacations only for 19 days. It was the time to enjoy. First and foremost, my school friend Varsha and I decided to visit Flowershow at Lalbagh. It was AWESOME. Took some snaps, bought some seeds. If you had not visited, then you've missed a lot.

Jan 30, Five of us, Kavitha, Shilpa, Nandini, Bhavya and me decided to go for a movie "Rang de Basanti". I enjoyed the movie. According to me, it was the most meaningful movie which I had watched after Lagaan and Swades; really made me think after I moved out of the theater. The movie had a tragic ending.:-( But I disagree with IBN's
Sagarika Ghose opinion with some points on the movie which she has expressed in her blog.

On Feb 1st, left to Mantralayam, where I stayed for few days having unlimited fun with cousins. Finally, back to Bangalore on Feb 5th. Then, began the same old routine... go to college<->curriculum<->fun with friends<->back to home...


  1. Hi
    It seems that you had a good fun in holidays; however, are you from Bangalore. If yes from where, I do have done my studies there and back here again for work. I was in RV college. Which college you are from.

    Hope! to see your reply on my spaces


  2. Well, as I was saying.. there are two ways you look at this whole blog funda! You could use it like an online diary (like what you have been doing) or you could use it as a place to store your writings (like what I am trying!!)

    In fact, a good mix of both is ideal!! Your blog is nice but increase the readership by widening the horizon of your writings. Write general things once in a while. It will enhance your writing.

    Good going and all the best!


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