SMS lingo

I've almost forgotten the spellings. This is because of sms, emails that I read frequently 've abrupt. Most emails I read lack proper vocabulary. I smsed my friend. Here goes the conversation:

me: Hey, Where are you?
friend: Already into a movie :)
me: oh!! so started acting in movies too? ;)
friend: I meant that watching a movie :) In sms, everything means the same... gotta?

When I bought a new cell phone, I typed the entire word. As the time passed, found it too painful to type the whole word and got used up to the short forms. In the same way, wrote the emails and replies. After sometime, found myself forgotten almost correct spellings. Decided to stop these short forms. These short forms are indeed a trouble for the readers who are unaware of it. We use short forms to ease us from having to type fully. But this has resulted in bad vocabulary. Most of us are prone to the so called sms lingo. As a result, we're forgetting spelling :(


  1. know what? try with the T9 dictionary really helps....first of allI was never a fan of SMS. IF given an option I would choose to call a person rather than smsing...

    when it comes to sms...yes it spoils all the vocab....

    I have a great theory for this...

    Speech is the greatest form of expression for a Human being. It can convey so many things.

    It can never be replaced with any amount of text...allthough if you put in lots of efforts you can do it...Remmember Dan brown in Da Vinci Code...

    But Imagin e when you can enter only limited text, its even more difficult...

    so SAY NO TO people and Talk to my message to man kind....

    Didnt I sound like a political leader...*lol* I can be a Laloo of Karnataka right? :-)

  2. very true manasa! we have changed a lot. we still rememeber, with great difficulty we studied spellings in our primary classes. we are going to forget that, but we use short forms to save time and money as well. when we sms, we can type only few characters for one message, if it goes beyond that, they charge as 2 smses.
    we have lost the art of writing letters. emails are jus short and sweet but no meaning. and now with great dificulty i have commented on this without short forms!

  3. I second what Kishan said. Use the T9 dictionary... it is real fast and efficient. Besides, people don't have to decipher your messages to understand an already ambiguous language :)

    P.S.- thanks for blog-rolling me

  4. Hey Manasa,

    You have a cool blog! :)


  5. kelsa sikkidh khushi nalli paapa blog ne marthbidthaare jana... :-)

  6. I know some people who type out entire tomes, never budging despite the pressure of abbreviations being the esier, faster route to messaging! :) Try it and see! It ain't so bad! :)


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