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Well, you can say I was lazy/busy all these days to post about our class trip to Wonder La , the amusement park situated on the Bangalore-Mysore highway near Bidadi. We fourteen: Bharathi along with three of her cousins, Baby, Bhavya, Deepthi, Kavitha, Kavitha, Prathima, Rashmi, Shwetha, Shilpa and me visited to this wonderful place on June 14th. Well I should have posted this a month. Never mind, better late than never.

First and foremost, Bhavya, Deepthi, Kavitha, Kavitha, Shwetha, Prathima, Rashmi and me met at 8.30AM at a place and travelled to Bapuji Nagar where others were supposed to join us. Bharathi, Baby, Shilpa joined later at 10.30AM. We travelled by bus till Kengeri. From there we boarded the other bus to reach Bidadi. Waited at a stop where we boarded the bus which arrived from Wonder La. It was about 10 min journey from that stop.

At 11.30am, we reached Wonder La, the entrance welcomed us. We took out our wallets to buy the tickets. It was Rs 380 per person will be charged during weekdays (Monday to Thursday), the fee will be Rs. 480 per person from Friday to Sunday.

The park will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. during weekdays and up to 8 p.m. on weekends.

A 50 per cent discount will be offered to students from third standard to tenth standard, 25 per cent discount for college students and 35 per cent discount for senior citizens.

Hmmm, since we hadn't taken any letter from our college, we didn't get any discount.

Trip to Wonder La was awesome. First thing we played was splash. Ah, everyones mouth wide opened, shouting as it went down. Later on, we continued with the variety of water games. We enjoyed a lot getting into water and as we got down the height, we were shouting at a maximum pitch:) The most exciting one the waves which starts @ 1.45pm.

Splash and Drop zone

I feared a bit when I was getting down the height:D

After the waves, we dried ourselves. Most of all, infact all of us were hungry so left for the lunch. It was around 3pm. Most of us had a North Indian Naan and few has South Indian Rice meals.
After the lunch, we left for the electric games. Since most of them had a heavy lunch, they didn't want to play any more scary games. Few of us, Bharathi, her cousins, Bhavya, Baby and me played them. I was accompanied by my friend Baby most of the times in these games. We are not supposed to keep anything in our pockets and wear dupatta/scraf(it might get stuck up) since it the seats rotate 360 degrees.We got into the seats and after a few seconds, they were automatically locked. First, the seats raised high slowly and swirled which made me shout. Most games were of this sort. We watched a short movie which wasn't that scary. Played many games which kids would:) The one which I loved the most is Drop Zone. It raises slowly high. After reaching certain height, drops down all of a sudden. Well, I think I have written more and now its time for you to visit Wonder La and enjoy.

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  1. nice that u enjoyed a lot in wonderla:)..we a group of 17 had gone to wonder la..we also enjoyed a lot. played all water games but coudnt play all dry games ( I was scared to sit in them :)hahaha). Nice place to be with friends, isnt it ?

  2. Nice to read that you enjoyed girl. I haven't been to wonder la yet.. got to go there soon.

  3. Just decided on the spur of the moment that I have to delete it. So deleted it. you can contact me thru mail instead of posting comments to my blog.

  4. hi....
    thanks for sharing ur nice experience abt wonder la....
    iam all set to go for wonder la...


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