School reunion-Alumni meet

Finally, we decided for the school alumni meet. Well, it was possible through a Virtual community. Thanks to my friend Shankar who had planned for the High School alumni meet and it happened on July 16th at Transit, Forum. We had decided that we'll meet at 11.30am but all the guys turned up half an hour late:( and all girls were on time:)

It was after six years we had all met. Only 14 of us could make it up. Each of us asked what they are upto and their future plans. One of our friend, Sandeep, was taking care of his dad's business. He gave us his "Visiting Card" to all of us as soon as we met him. Some had started to work and some on job hunt, some planning for their higher studies. We continued speaking of other friends who did not turn up that day. Shankar captured this memorable moment in his camera. Since it was a sunday, many had other plans for the day and we moved soon.

I was very excited to see many of the old faces with new looks after a span of six years.

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  1. it always feels nice to meet ur old friends :)..But i cant make out anything from the snap..cant even see a single face..hahah


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