A pinch of tobacco

The title of the blog highlights what this post is all about. This incident happened a couple of years ago. And yes, its one of the most funniest incident which I can never forget:)

It was around 6:30 in the evening, Shilpa and me while walking on the path talking all the way to home.(Yes, talkitives we are!!! we utilise each nanosecond) Our attention was caught by a good old neighbour who was driving back home on his girlfriends recently bought Honda Activa. How lucky he is!! Isn't he? Such a caring girlfriend(now a caring wife) he has who gave her new Vehicle, get food from house. aaah, how lucky he is... isn't he?? How busy a person could get who had NO time to take vehicle from service center??
As we walked down the path, we noticed him drive zoom on his vehicle, right hand on accelerator and a cigar on the other. My friend and me we surprised when we discovered that he fags. Two kids cycling were just opposite to him. Poor fellow, lost his balance and fell down. The whole incident was a fun to us:)

Next day morning, he smiled with a pale face,"Yesterday was a bad day."
"Why what happened?"
"Met with an accident yesterday."
"ooh, thats sad."
"Two loses for me. The headlight broke, lots of scratches and my new cotton pant tore."
(You deserve it:D) "You drive so well. How did you meet with an accident?"

"I was driving back home. Two kids cycling opposite my way. I was holding something important in the other hand, lost my balance, couldn't apply the breaks."
"If it was so important why didn't you keep it in dikki?" A naughty smile.
He had learnt that I had noticed the whole incident. With no words to speak, he smiled.

It goes without saying, "A pinch of tobacco rolled in a paper with the fire at one end and the fool at the other."

Dreams come true!!!

In this blog post, I wish to share my experiences during the HR round with one of the most reputed company in India.

It was in the month of April, job hunting begun. Lots of people including my cousins and seniors who struggled to get a software job had shared their greiviences stating it was quite tough to find off campus. I got call letter within ten days of applying. Lucky me:) On may 7th, wrote the first round, the written test and successfully cleared it. May 8th was the HR round. I was quite tensed how would I answer. All my seniors, friends guided me as to what to answer, what were the common questions asked, what sort of answers they expect out of us. Thanks to them, without whom I wouldn't have made it.

I left early the next with my dad, reached there in time at 10:15am, 30 min earlier. The entrance gave a hearty welcome. Travelling for 45 min during the scortching summer, I felt the chilled air in the reception where many people were seated. It was my turn to meet the HRs. Advice given by one of my friend echoed in my ears,"If one person questions you, the other notices yor reaction." It exactly happened that way. Even if he/she pretends as not listening don't get tensed just go on. As I entered, I wished them "Good morning" with a broad smile on my face(yeah, I do smile). Was asked to take my seat. Was asked to tell about myself. I told about my background and my hobbies. I answered them specifically to the questions put forth to me. I made sure that I don't answer anything more than required and put myself into trouble.

HR1:Would you prefer to work in a short span or long span.Me: (Oho, what sort of question. That's why they are called HRs, who decide our fate.)

Me:Well, it depends on the scenario. In short span, we can concentrate only on core part. In long span, we can add up the features too.

HR2: Our company plans to open a new branch at Singapore.You're sent to do a feasibility study and report if itsworth opening there? What factors do you consider?

Me: Pardon(I needed time to think, she repeated. I found my answer).

Depends on the various factors such as: how technical singaporeans are, clients.

(I didnt know what else to say?? My head went blank.)

The HR looked puzzled at me.

HR2:Does your feasibility study only so much?

Me: Yup(with confidence)

HR1: Are experienced people better or freshers?

Me: (Duh??) Freshers, Obviously!!! Freshers possess more ideas than experienced. Laterals just concentrate only on platform or language, they cannot grasp new technology.

HR1:(popped her eyes). What do you say?

Me:(Am screwed, gone:(() Yup. Its true. I've come across so many people who stick on to their field without bothering the latest trends in the technology apart from what they
know.(How stupid can I be???A big mistake)

Hr1: (Going through my resume page-2). Tell us something about your project.

I told them what my project was all about.

HR2: Any questions?

Me: No questions(Yet, another mistake!!)

HR1: It was nice talking to you. Have a great day.

Me: (I learnt that it was time for me to leave)Thank you.

The whole thing took around 25 minutes.
After i got out of the company, I kept thinking about the way I answered. I wasn't really satisfied the way I answered. I could've done it much better. I told my friends regarding the HR round. Most told that I had done well and shouldn't have told that freshers are better and could have asked questions.

I waited for five weeks for their response. Finally, got an email on June 14th, stating that i had been offered a job. It was the most joyous day in my life:) My hard work had fetched me reward.

Joined on July 31st, now enjoying my work to the fullest. New people, new environment. Its just like a second home to me:)

My project manager told the very first day I met,"You will never miss your college here." And yeah, I'm not even missing my school:)

"There is no short cut for hard work."

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