A pinch of tobacco

The title of the blog highlights what this post is all about. This incident happened a couple of years ago. And yes, its one of the most funniest incident which I can never forget:)

It was around 6:30 in the evening, Shilpa and me while walking on the path talking all the way to home.(Yes, talkitives we are!!! we utilise each nanosecond) Our attention was caught by a good old neighbour who was driving back home on his girlfriends recently bought Honda Activa. How lucky he is!! Isn't he? Such a caring girlfriend(now a caring wife) he has who gave her new Vehicle, get food from house. aaah, how lucky he is... isn't he?? How busy a person could get who had NO time to take vehicle from service center??
As we walked down the path, we noticed him drive zoom on his vehicle, right hand on accelerator and a cigar on the other. My friend and me we surprised when we discovered that he fags. Two kids cycling were just opposite to him. Poor fellow, lost his balance and fell down. The whole incident was a fun to us:)

Next day morning, he smiled with a pale face,"Yesterday was a bad day."
"Why what happened?"
"Met with an accident yesterday."
"ooh, thats sad."
"Two loses for me. The headlight broke, lots of scratches and my new cotton pant tore."
(You deserve it:D) "You drive so well. How did you meet with an accident?"

"I was driving back home. Two kids cycling opposite my way. I was holding something important in the other hand, lost my balance, couldn't apply the breaks."
"If it was so important why didn't you keep it in dikki?" A naughty smile.
He had learnt that I had noticed the whole incident. With no words to speak, he smiled.

It goes without saying, "A pinch of tobacco rolled in a paper with the fire at one end and the fool at the other."


  1. hey manasa, so cunning on u to insult tht person
    he he he
    i can imagine how bad he would have felt to discuss tht issue with u people
    and u naughty gal, u managed to control ur laughter!
    thts very difficult,
    i pity him or his wife who may read ur blog

    anyway, a incident tht happened long back, u have written it very well and it made me laugh!
    gud on U


  2. @ Vikrem
    hehehe.. Am not insulting him. Just told him if it was so important, he could've kept it in dikki. That's it. I can never forget this incident in my life:) The most funniest incident.


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