First snap!!!

Today my cell phone completes one year, one month, one day:) Bought it on 25th November 2005.
Shihab's was the first photo which I captured in my phone while he was anchoring(Clicked this photo an year ago:)


Cute!!! Isn't he? :D

Jingle Bells

I was on the way to my building on Friday morning, was amused to see the decorations going on for Christmas at one of the food courts in the company campus. My attention was caught by fir tree and captured this it in my phone:)

As I walked further, the silver bells and golden bells were hanging high in air. I wished to capture many more but my phone was running out of memory space:( Never mind, I've captured them in my memory:D

Christmas tree
Christmas Tree


Christmas Celebrations
Clicked when it was just a few
feet above the floor:)

Christmas Celebrations
And the food court decorated

I remember my school days, one of my good old friend who was my neighbour too, always invited me for Christmas every year. We celebrated with joy at her home. Those delicious mouth watering dishes. She sung carols. She shifted her home long time ago. Since then, lost contact. Today, I'm home writing this blog with few refreshed thoughts missing my friend, chocolates, almost all varieties of cakes and cookies ofcourse:(
At school, we were taught in the English classes that Santa Claus in Red came to little kids and presented them the gifts which they were always in need of. I wish Santa comes with loads of chocolates and cakes:)

image hosting for myspace

image hosting for myspace

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Books for you!

Have you ever made online friends? If so, have you ever met him/her? If yes, where? Why? These questions go on.

I always wished I could be a member of the best library, namely The British Library, which has its branches all over India in the eleven metros - …

The answers to the above questions are here. Yes, I have several online friends. Met a few, reason being common interests and resonating to others frequency and most are book lovers. Last but not the least: both good and bad are co-existent. Be careful to choose the right ones. Good friends are rare, so treat them with care J

One of my online friends expressed her interest that she also wanted to obtain the membership since she is an avid reader of books and a member of many libraries in the nearby locality and she didn’t find wide range of authors. One fine day, we decided to meet finally – a weekend. British Library is open only 6 days a week and closed on Sundays. On the way to BL, she said that she had a collection of around 5000 books which included both fiction and non-fiction. I would rather say, she owned a library J
Finally, we became proud members of the prestigious library. I showed the membership card to all my friends, initially. They would say, “Wow! If you got there next time, do tell me. I want to see, never been there.”

In spite of being a member of libraries and downloading several e-books from the internet for free; I wish I have my own huge collection of rare books. I already have 25 books apart from the technical books – a mini library. Don’t ask me to lend it – good books are never returned ;-) And I don’t want to lose them :D

Investing on books is not a waste of money, as others say nor it occupies that much space in your shelf as you assume. Some books can be downloaded and some can be borrowed from friends and some rare books bought. Sometimes, when are down, lonely. Some sentences mean a lot. We tend to read them again and again. Believe me, books can be your friends for life J

Some e-books can be downloaded from:

If you love physics, you will love this:

Links to libraries in Bangalore:

Book stores
Mc milan
harper collins

If you find any good book or link to download them, do leave a comment ;)

25th on 25th

On November 25, Bangalore DC took Silver Stage in style, celebrating Infy’s successful 25-year journey. A 15,000-strong crowd, comprising Infoscions and their families, joined in the dazzling celebrations. The Silver Stage celebrations kicked off at 2.30 pm with a vibrant carnival and several games. Enthusiastic Infoscions, with their little ones in tow, were seen participating in a game of dart, throwing a few hoops, trying their hand at pottery, getting their caricatures done and even taking pictures of men on stilts!

sa re ga ma

Amphitheatre: Sa Re Ga Ma

The amphitheatre, meanwhile, saw a packed audience cheering for the little champs at the musical performance. They displayed their remarkable musical talent with a lot more than Sa Re Ga Ma.

salsa... too good:)
Salsa by lvds


Fusion dance
This was soon followed by a stunning performance by the dancers from Dance Studio.

Kris, Prakash Padukone and NRN

Prakash Padukone and NRN

The evening’s programme, organized at the Fountain Deck at Bangalore DC, was a star-studded event. Narayana Murthy addressed the audience and reminisced on significant events in the past 25 years. The chief guest for the evening, Prakash Padukone, former international badminton player, while talking of his journey, commended Infosys’ journey of excellence. Few lines of Padukone's speech which I can recollect is that he used a computer only for sending and receiving emails:)
Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam Live in Concert

Sonu: long hair:((
The celebration concluded with Sonu Nigam's concert. I was quite disappointed seeing him with long hair almost covering his face:(

Jigsaw puzzle

I was browing Discovery Channels website today, my attention was caught by Jigsaw puzzle. I always enjoyed solving Jigsaw puzzles.

You will enjoy sovling if you love puzzles. They are:
>> An aerial view of Botswana's Okavango Delta.
>> Piranha before a feeding frenzy.
>> Venezuela's Angels Falls.
>> A baby Emperor penguin.
>> Desert elephants on the hunt for water.
>> The world's highest peaks in Karakoram range.

An Image Preview icon and Auto Rotate are also provided to help us solve it better.
Click here to proceed:)

Name does matter

It had been a week that the Outlook was configured on my desktop. As any other professional, an outgoing signature was needed. I was amused to see few of my friends signature which had some colorful picture/company logo, proverb, phone numbers at the end of email. Attracted by these, I attached phone numbers, unit logo, company logo, proverb at last. Asked one of my good friend if I could make it better.

The whole conversation was in local tongue/language, I wish to publish it as it is. Local readers will enjoy it. The translation provided in brackets. Please bear:)

me: hi.. nanna signature hegide?
(How's my signature?)

He: channagide.. innu indu nalku photos attach maadidre innu channagirothe
(Its good. If you attach more photos(logos) it would look better)

me: okie...Nann signature innu chikkadannagi hege maadli??
(How do I make my signature still smaller???)
Ella info nu irbeku thane signature alli???
(We need all necessary information in a signature.)

He: Phone numbers yella thegedu haaki…
(remove all the phone numbers.)

Me: sari.. mathhe innenu tegibeku innenu irabeku??
(Ok. Done. What else do I need to remove from it?)

Thanks & Regards
Your name
Business Unit

Istu saaku alva…?
(Isn't this enough?)

Me: Haan.. saaku..
Aadre nimm emails nalli enu signature illa…
(Yup. Its enough.But why havn't you added signature in your emails?)

He: Nanage aste saaku..
(Its sufficient for me:)

Me: Eega hegide??
(How is it now?)

He: Font color matte size change maadi
(Reduce the font color and size.)

Me: Eega hegide??
(How it it now?)

He: Font color matte size change maadi
(Change the font color.)

Me: Yaava color haakli??
Nange blue tumba ista
(Which color is better?I like navy blue:))

He: Hogli font size reduce maadi
(Reduce the font size atleast.)


He: No need of BOLD fonts.
Bold thegiree…
(Remove BOLD fonts.)

Me: Eega chikkadaagi, cut aagi idiya??
(How is it now?Is it cut?)

He: Cut… or cute…?

Me: Cute… sorry spelling mistake

He: Chennagide…
Nimma hesarina tharane…

(Yup. Its indeed cute.Just as your name:))

Me: Thanks:) You're flattering me.

He: Illa nijvaagalu nimma hesaru nanage thumba ista…
Nimage nimma hesarina artha gotta..?
(Nope. Your name is good.Do you know what your name means?)

Me: Haan.. gottu… manasa andre manassu anta
Nann tande nann hesaru select maadiddu
(Yup. I do know.Manasa means "mind". My dad chose that name)

He: Manassu adu kooda sari…
Nirmalavaadaddu, pavithravadaddu, shanthige kooda ee pada arthakodutte…
Avarige nanna abhinadanegalu…
(Mind is also correct. It also means purity, peace... My regards to him)

Me: Ooh.. istella arthagalu ive anta gotthirallilla.
Thanks.. nimminda nange gottayithu
(ooh. I never knew my name has several meanings. Thanks, I got to know from ya)
Aadre nanna hesarannu bahala jana sariyaagi pronounce maadolla:(
(But many people don't pronounce my name exactly)

He: Actually nimma hesaru baredirodu sari illa… adu maanasa antha irbeku..
(Actually, the spelling must've been maanasa)

Me: Hmmm.. aadre bahala jana maansa antane karitaare.. “a” na nungu bid-tare
(Hmmm.. most people say Maansa with "a" missing)

He: Adu northigalu maatra haage kareyodu yaakandre illina maanasa alli maansi aagirutte alva adakke ..
(That's been called only by Northies cos Maansa is Mansi there)

Me: Haan… aadrunu manelli.. nann friends, cousins, uncles mathhe aunty galu ellru maansa anta ne kariyodu..
(Yup, very true. But still, parents, buddies, cousins, acquaintted call me so..)

He: Adakke enu maadoke aagolla..
Eega beda kaaluru inda Bangalore aada haage

(Can't help it. Consider, Beda kalooru being Bangalore)

Me: Hehe.. aaadre nanna hesarina spelling manasa ne iruttade..
Aadre kariyodu maatra maansa ante ne
(Whatever, spelling remains the same:D)

However, Bangalore is renamed back to its old name. I wonder when most acquaintances pronounce my name properly:)