25th on 25th

On November 25, Bangalore DC took Silver Stage in style, celebrating Infy’s successful 25-year journey. A 15,000-strong crowd, comprising Infoscions and their families, joined in the dazzling celebrations. The Silver Stage celebrations kicked off at 2.30 pm with a vibrant carnival and several games. Enthusiastic Infoscions, with their little ones in tow, were seen participating in a game of dart, throwing a few hoops, trying their hand at pottery, getting their caricatures done and even taking pictures of men on stilts!

sa re ga ma

Amphitheatre: Sa Re Ga Ma

The amphitheatre, meanwhile, saw a packed audience cheering for the little champs at the musical performance. They displayed their remarkable musical talent with a lot more than Sa Re Ga Ma.

salsa... too good:)
Salsa by lvds


Fusion dance
This was soon followed by a stunning performance by the dancers from Dance Studio.

Kris, Prakash Padukone and NRN

Prakash Padukone and NRN

The evening’s programme, organized at the Fountain Deck at Bangalore DC, was a star-studded event. Narayana Murthy addressed the audience and reminisced on significant events in the past 25 years. The chief guest for the evening, Prakash Padukone, former international badminton player, while talking of his journey, commended Infosys’ journey of excellence. Few lines of Padukone's speech which I can recollect is that he used a computer only for sending and receiving emails:)
Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam Live in Concert

Sonu: long hair:((
The celebration concluded with Sonu Nigam's concert. I was quite disappointed seeing him with long hair almost covering his face:(


  1. You sure had a gala time!! ... Wow... I have never heard Sonu Nigam live. He rocks.


  2. Sudipta, It was a memorable moment to see so many personalities at a same time :)


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