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Have you ever made online friends? If so, have you ever met him/her? If yes, where? Why? These questions go on.

I always wished I could be a member of the best library, namely The British Library, which has its branches all over India in the eleven metros - …

The answers to the above questions are here. Yes, I have several online friends. Met a few, reason being common interests and resonating to others frequency and most are book lovers. Last but not the least: both good and bad are co-existent. Be careful to choose the right ones. Good friends are rare, so treat them with care J

One of my online friends expressed her interest that she also wanted to obtain the membership since she is an avid reader of books and a member of many libraries in the nearby locality and she didn’t find wide range of authors. One fine day, we decided to meet finally – a weekend. British Library is open only 6 days a week and closed on Sundays. On the way to BL, she said that she had a collection of around 5000 books which included both fiction and non-fiction. I would rather say, she owned a library J
Finally, we became proud members of the prestigious library. I showed the membership card to all my friends, initially. They would say, “Wow! If you got there next time, do tell me. I want to see, never been there.”

In spite of being a member of libraries and downloading several e-books from the internet for free; I wish I have my own huge collection of rare books. I already have 25 books apart from the technical books – a mini library. Don’t ask me to lend it – good books are never returned ;-) And I don’t want to lose them :D

Investing on books is not a waste of money, as others say nor it occupies that much space in your shelf as you assume. Some books can be downloaded and some can be borrowed from friends and some rare books bought. Sometimes, when are down, lonely. Some sentences mean a lot. We tend to read them again and again. Believe me, books can be your friends for life J

Some e-books can be downloaded from:

If you love physics, you will love this:

Links to libraries in Bangalore:

Book stores
Mc milan
harper collins

If you find any good book or link to download them, do leave a comment ;)

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