Jigsaw puzzle

I was browing Discovery Channels website today, my attention was caught by Jigsaw puzzle. I always enjoyed solving Jigsaw puzzles.

You will enjoy sovling if you love puzzles. They are:
>> An aerial view of Botswana's Okavango Delta.
>> Piranha before a feeding frenzy.
>> Venezuela's Angels Falls.
>> A baby Emperor penguin.
>> Desert elephants on the hunt for water.
>> The world's highest peaks in Karakoram range.

An Image Preview icon and Auto Rotate are also provided to help us solve it better.
Click here to proceed:)


  1. Hmm... will look at the jigsaw puzzles after my exams are over.

    BTW, 'Manasa' also means the Goddess of Snakes in Hindu mythology! :) Don't worry: we'll assume the mind and soul for all purposes

  2. @ Sudipta
    Thanks Sudipta:) I got one more meaning of my name:)


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