Jingle Bells

I was on the way to my building on Friday morning, was amused to see the decorations going on for Christmas at one of the food courts in the company campus. My attention was caught by fir tree and captured this it in my phone:)

As I walked further, the silver bells and golden bells were hanging high in air. I wished to capture many more but my phone was running out of memory space:( Never mind, I've captured them in my memory:D

Christmas tree
Christmas Tree


Christmas Celebrations
Clicked when it was just a few
feet above the floor:)

Christmas Celebrations
And the food court decorated

I remember my school days, one of my good old friend who was my neighbour too, always invited me for Christmas every year. We celebrated with joy at her home. Those delicious mouth watering dishes. She sung carols. She shifted her home long time ago. Since then, lost contact. Today, I'm home writing this blog with few refreshed thoughts missing my friend, chocolates, almost all varieties of cakes and cookies ofcourse:(
At school, we were taught in the English classes that Santa Claus in Red came to little kids and presented them the gifts which they were always in need of. I wish Santa comes with loads of chocolates and cakes:)

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  1. you sure have made your site look real cool and all... no doubt.. good work.. just that it seems (to me) to be a little crowded..

    with regard to your writing.. yeah, improved but still snatches of childishness (i don;t know if that is bad though!!) and many smileys etc. which i personally dont prefer in writings..

    that's all for now!! :)

    happy new year

  2. Hari, I shall avoid smileys in future posts.

    Yeah, this blog looks cool. But requires much bandwidth for the page load.

    Thanks for visiting!!!

  3. hey manasa, good pics, credit goes to the camera!


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