Name does matter

It had been a week that the Outlook was configured on my desktop. As any other professional, an outgoing signature was needed. I was amused to see few of my friends signature which had some colorful picture/company logo, proverb, phone numbers at the end of email. Attracted by these, I attached phone numbers, unit logo, company logo, proverb at last. Asked one of my good friend if I could make it better.

The whole conversation was in local tongue/language, I wish to publish it as it is. Local readers will enjoy it. The translation provided in brackets. Please bear:)

me: hi.. nanna signature hegide?
(How's my signature?)

He: channagide.. innu indu nalku photos attach maadidre innu channagirothe
(Its good. If you attach more photos(logos) it would look better)

me: okie...Nann signature innu chikkadannagi hege maadli??
(How do I make my signature still smaller???)
Ella info nu irbeku thane signature alli???
(We need all necessary information in a signature.)

He: Phone numbers yella thegedu haaki…
(remove all the phone numbers.)

Me: sari.. mathhe innenu tegibeku innenu irabeku??
(Ok. Done. What else do I need to remove from it?)

Thanks & Regards
Your name
Business Unit

Istu saaku alva…?
(Isn't this enough?)

Me: Haan.. saaku..
Aadre nimm emails nalli enu signature illa…
(Yup. Its enough.But why havn't you added signature in your emails?)

He: Nanage aste saaku..
(Its sufficient for me:)

Me: Eega hegide??
(How is it now?)

He: Font color matte size change maadi
(Reduce the font color and size.)

Me: Eega hegide??
(How it it now?)

He: Font color matte size change maadi
(Change the font color.)

Me: Yaava color haakli??
Nange blue tumba ista
(Which color is better?I like navy blue:))

He: Hogli font size reduce maadi
(Reduce the font size atleast.)


He: No need of BOLD fonts.
Bold thegiree…
(Remove BOLD fonts.)

Me: Eega chikkadaagi, cut aagi idiya??
(How is it now?Is it cut?)

He: Cut… or cute…?

Me: Cute… sorry spelling mistake

He: Chennagide…
Nimma hesarina tharane…

(Yup. Its indeed cute.Just as your name:))

Me: Thanks:) You're flattering me.

He: Illa nijvaagalu nimma hesaru nanage thumba ista…
Nimage nimma hesarina artha gotta..?
(Nope. Your name is good.Do you know what your name means?)

Me: Haan.. gottu… manasa andre manassu anta
Nann tande nann hesaru select maadiddu
(Yup. I do know.Manasa means "mind". My dad chose that name)

He: Manassu adu kooda sari…
Nirmalavaadaddu, pavithravadaddu, shanthige kooda ee pada arthakodutte…
Avarige nanna abhinadanegalu…
(Mind is also correct. It also means purity, peace... My regards to him)

Me: Ooh.. istella arthagalu ive anta gotthirallilla.
Thanks.. nimminda nange gottayithu
(ooh. I never knew my name has several meanings. Thanks, I got to know from ya)
Aadre nanna hesarannu bahala jana sariyaagi pronounce maadolla:(
(But many people don't pronounce my name exactly)

He: Actually nimma hesaru baredirodu sari illa… adu maanasa antha irbeku..
(Actually, the spelling must've been maanasa)

Me: Hmmm.. aadre bahala jana maansa antane karitaare.. “a” na nungu bid-tare
(Hmmm.. most people say Maansa with "a" missing)

He: Adu northigalu maatra haage kareyodu yaakandre illina maanasa alli maansi aagirutte alva adakke ..
(That's been called only by Northies cos Maansa is Mansi there)

Me: Haan… aadrunu manelli.. nann friends, cousins, uncles mathhe aunty galu ellru maansa anta ne kariyodu..
(Yup, very true. But still, parents, buddies, cousins, acquaintted call me so..)

He: Adakke enu maadoke aagolla..
Eega beda kaaluru inda Bangalore aada haage

(Can't help it. Consider, Beda kalooru being Bangalore)

Me: Hehe.. aaadre nanna hesarina spelling manasa ne iruttade..
Aadre kariyodu maatra maansa ante ne
(Whatever, spelling remains the same:D)

However, Bangalore is renamed back to its old name. I wonder when most acquaintances pronounce my name properly:)


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  2. Ok now i know correct pronounciation of your name :)


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