Sheesha ho ya dil ho!

This collection of mine broke into pieces while I dropped it without my knowledge. With loads of effort, I was able to join all the pieces and I was glad it appeared to be the same. Yet, the scars remain.

Sheesha ho ya dil ho, aakhir toot jaata hai Agar judh bhi jaaye tho nishaan rah jaata hai

A guide to fitness

I received this email from my Fitness Instructor which has helped me to achieve a good level of fitness. Go on and read it.
  • What will help to strengthen bad knees??
Concentrate on strengthening the major muscles that stabilize the knee, including quads, hamstrings, inner thighs and outer thighs. Try doing a series of exercise using ankle weights including knee extensions, leg curls, side lying lifts for inner and outer thighs.

  • Benefits of doing Pilates on machines versus a mat…. Both help increase core strength, improve flexibility enhance your balance.
Whether you’re trying to get in shape after pregnancy or improve core stability or just flatten your midsection, Pilates is an excellent way to reach your goals.
a. FOR BEST RESULT, WORK ONE ON ONE WITH A PILATES INSTRUCTOR for first little secession to familiarize yourself with the moves, learn how to breathe and target your core muscles most effectively.
b. Keep your navel pulled in toward your spine during each move. Think of a corset being cinched up around your middle. (Most Pilates exercises engage the abs, lower back, gluts and hips.)
c. Breathe continuously during the workout. Holding your breath is counter productive.
once you master the basic, advance your secession with tools or ring or resistance band or stability (gym) ball.

  • Why is it so important to warm up and cool down?
Warming up prepares your body for more intense physical activity to come by raising its core temperature.
Cool down prevents dizziness by bringing your heart rate back to normal and lowering your body temperature. Cooling off also stops blood from pooling in your legs making your muscles feel stiff and helps remove waste product like lactic acid which can build up during vigorous activity. So never miss warm up and cool down.

  • 3 best pieces of fitness equipment to have on hand if you can’t get to a gym ……
A jump rope, resistance tube or band n an exercise ball (gym ball).
  • Wearing the same running shoe for my entire workout is safe??
Most running shoes are not built to provide any support for lateral movement, so if you are wearing them for kick boxing, tennis or even step aerobic, you’ll increase risk of injury. Invest in a separate pair of CROSS-TRAINERS for other work out.

  • Drinking water in between or after work out will give stomach cramp??
Due to increased blood circulation in your body during workout and also change in body temperature it happens. Before drinking water get back to march fast and drink water by sipping not gulping. Carry your own bottle for that sake.

  • What is BALANCED DIET? Is It advisable to cut down carbohydrate contained food to reduce weight? Can I go for fruit and vegetable fasting??
Balanced diet contain proportionate amount of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, fibers, minerals, fat n fatty acids.
Going low- carb means restricting or even cutting out entire food groups, such as healthful grains or dairy, thereby decreasing level of calcium, folate, phytochemicals n fiber. This leads constipation n fatigue.
Calcium is an especially serious concern. Too little spells trouble not only for ur bones but also muscles n energy level.
HIGH-FIBER DIET seems to be more effective for weight loss. coz fiber makes u feel full n u eat less. High fiber contained food r beans, vegetables, fruits. Think of how much more satisfying it is to eat an apple (3grams of fiber, 80 calories) than to drink an 8 – ounce glass of apple juice (no fiber, 110 calories)
Once in 15 days or month going for FRUIT OR VEGETABLE fasting is fine not always. Since body needs balanced food.
In fact vegetarian diets have been shown to lower risk of many chronic diseases. However, these plant based plans can spell trouble- to the tune of too little protein, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.
For strict vegetarians, soy milk will help u meet ur calcium n vitamin D. its important to note that drinks like rice, oat n almond milks aren’t adequate substitute for soy milk. Sprinkle 2 daily servings of ground flaxseed (raw or roasted) (1 tablespoon = 59 calories) or walnuts (2tablespoon=81 calories) on ur oatmeal or salad for omega-3fatty acid.
CRASH DIET ALWAYS FAILS………. Diet bases on deprivation don’t do a body good. For starters, a dramatic reduction in calories often has a diuretic effect (loss of water) eat less than 1200 calories a day – the minimum amount most women need to keep all system go and you will likely burn lean muscle mass instead of fat. Drop below the minimum needed just for breathing n organ function (the calories amount varies, but it is typical around 900 calories/ Day) and your body shifts into starvation. It wont want to give up a bit of precious energy stores( i.e. fat) other drawbacks of this include low energy, disrupted sleep, hunger n extreme irritability.

They r not all that effective, and theoretically have severe risks as a drop in blood pressure, delirium n diarrhea. Best way to reduce weight is modify ur eating patterns and exercise more.
CALCIUM- osteoporosis, the loss of bone density is responsible for 1-5 million fractures of the spine, hip n wrists. The sooner u act to fend off these preventable diseases, the safer you’ll be. It’s best to get ur calcium from food rather than supplements. Coz food provides u with other critical nutrients as well: Vitamin D from diary products (which works with calcium to maintain strong bones) omega-3 fatty acid from fish, vitamin C from fortified juices n fiber from dark vegetables n fortified cereals. And getting calcium from food sources also may help you TO LOOSE WEIGHT. Calcium may aid in the breakdown of body fat. It means that the more calcium a fat cell has the more fat the cell will burn. Daily recommended calcium for women ages 19-50 is 1,000mg/day between 51 and older 1,200mg/day.

Getting ur heart pumping on a REGULAR basis can help to prevent a RANGE OF DISESES. But not all types of aerobic activity r equally good for warding off osteoporosis. The best r weight bearing exercises, especially those with the greatest impact on bone. Such as squats, leg presses, lat. Pull down, lat.Rows, back extensions, dumbbell presses and step aerobics

DIET CHATR now u know that what all food contain what, make ur own diet chart.
Have 6 small meals/day with an interval of 2 -2.30 hrs
Have any kind of food which is rich in fibers.
Have adequate protein, including pulses; paneer, chicken etc.
Drink at lest minimum 8 to 10 glasses of water.

For ur breakfast look for whole wheat bread or cereal that contain 5gms of fiber per serving. Dosa, idlli, chapatti also good for breakfast. They contain carbohydrates as a source of energy for whole day and pleasure. Never skip any meals if u r planning to loose weight since that is also one of the causes for gaining weight.
Sleep is also one of the causes to gain weight
Regularly cutting back on sleep impairs ur mental skills as much as not sleeping at all for a few days. Sleeping 8hrs daily always better than sleeping 6 hrs or less.

Out of dilemma

This post has been lying in the bin for more than an year. Here I publish another conversation with a friend abroad, discussing which mobile phone to opt for.

Disclaimer: Published this post with the consent of my friend :D

Me: you there?
He: filling your "true color"
Me: means?:-s
He: from the blog
Me: didn’t get u da...
He: what’s your true color?
Me: blue :D
He: it is in your blog
He: I am filling it
Me: that’s what it told
Me: where?? Commenting is it?
He: no no
He: I am finding my true color
Me: ;))
He: again comment?
He: you dragged 7 of them to comment on your art :))
Me: hey, which cell phone you have? Nokia or Sony?
He: was seeing that as well
He: nokia
He: nokia 6280
He: yourself?
Me: I didn’t force anyone to comment
Me: 3220...
Me: am planning to buy a new one :D
He: wow
Me: but bit confused... sony or nokia....:-s
He: nokia
Me: y?
He: it’s got the best service centers
Me: ok..
He: and the battery is good
Me: ok.. Heard many saying sony is also good :)
He: well
He: I feel nokia is the best
Me: yeah.. Me too :)
Me: am confused as to which 1 to buy.. Cell with all features or iPod...
Me: I really get bugged up in the bus...
He: cell phone with mp3 player
Me: I checked out ipod, sony mp3 player and creative zen as well...
Me: I liked creative a lot... it has lots features than ipod and sony:)
He: ipod!
Me: but ipod isn’t having much features da...
He: really?
He: I dunno tht
He: I am away from ipods....
Me: any of your friends having ipod?
He: yes
He: few of my friends have it
Me: ok.. What do they say about it?
He: they say ipod is the best
He: it’s their best friend now
He: :))
Me: oh.. What abt creative zen???
Me: check out
Me: it’s truly good...
Me: check it now...
He: my roomy says ipod is the best
Me: oh.. ok.. what abt creative zen??
He: how is customer support for creative?
He: my roomy asking that
Me: donno:-s
Me: I checked out only on the net... so no idea abt it...
He: he feels ipod has best customer support
Me: oh... ok...
He: and its apple’s.
Me: what all can u store in that?
He: it’s like the leader in the mp3 players
He: video
Me: many say that we've store only in sum specific format it seems....
Me: is it so?
He: u see
He: iTunes can be converted
He: my friends have no problem
He: they use laptops, desktops
He: and ipods
Me: can I store ms-word, excel as well?
He: dunno
Me: is he having nano or 30gb?
Me: ask him once..
He: 30 GB
He: he is not here :D
He: he is an ipod freak
He: he had no problems
Me: when he comes u ask him n tell me..:)
He: u need to wait then
He: I will scrap him and ask
He: in orkut
He: :))
Me: okies... no probs... I need to buy a good one.. Matter of huge amt... thats y...
He: ok

Day 2:He: hey manasa
Me: hi :)
He: decided your gadget?
Me: nope.. Not yet :-s [confused smiley]
Me: heart says sony ericcson .. Mind says nokia... total confusion :(( [crying smiley]
Me: have dropped the idea of iPod
He: ohh
He: heart and mind matter
He: very confusing then
He: put inky pinky ponky
Me: yesterday went to doctor... wasn’t doing well...
He: ohhh
He: what happened?
He: u ill?
Me: asked him, is it good to listen to music with ear phone daily...
He: well, head phone is better than ear plugs
Me: he told by the time we're 34-35 yr old... our nerves would become weak...
He: hmmm
He: thanks for the info
Me: ;))
He: I hear in the morning daily
Me: had read an article on this long back... but we got to think of our future also right??
Me: he told if we listen for 3-4 min.. Its ok... but long duration Not Adviced...
He: and when waiting for trains
He: do you read novels to spend time?
Me: yup... I read novels...
He: hmm
Me: what about you?
He: I prefer novels in trains
Me: oh.. okay...
He: but sometimes I hate carrying novels due to the fear of losing them somewhere
He: instead ear plug with mobile is better
Me: I asked him about reading novels in bus... he told there will be too many jerks while traveling in bus and this strains eye also...
He: :-O
He: what the hell can we do then?
Me: see, we do so many things which affect our sense organs without our knowledge...
Me: hmmm
Me: in school, we were always taught to read under proper light...
He: listen we can go by dr's advice only to a certain extent :))
He: when I go with my friends I don’t want novels or ipod but alone for 30 to 40 minutes
Sometimes I keep sighting gals in trains. It’s a treat to senses :)) Not disturbance to
Me: ;))
Me: what else work do u guys have?? :O
He: true
He: got no other work
He: we are enjoying the beauty
Me: that’s better than ear phone right?
He: better than novels as well
Me: ;))
He: I hear to vishnu sahasrananam in the morning from my mobile
Me: gr8...
He: so I close my eyes in the train
Me: that’s better
He: not to be disturbed by a gal :))
Me: good boy ;;)
He: only in the morning
He: :))
He: until I finish hearing that
Me: hmmm….
He: then my hunting starts
He: u see we need correct balance
He: :))
Me: I sleep in the bus :D
He: I don’t do that
He: I feel I lose my freshness
Me: after I reach there I wash my face...:)
He: hmmm
He: again we need to wash our face, and then comb hair
He: etc etc
Me: yeah, right
He: I don’t do that
He: just go straight into my lab or class
He: or the work place
He: after combing in the morning, I never comb again
Me: hmmm….
He: we can’t expect that with gals
He: :))
He: they have a make-up set always
Me: that’s why guys always behind gals :P
He: may be
He: well for me. make-up is the turn on
He: jus a cheerful face
He: make-up is artificial
Me: yeah….true…
He: good looking is god's grace
He: but we need to look good, that’s in our hands
Me: :)
Me: I can blog abt our conversation right? ;)
Me: nice topic… it'll be...
He: hmmm….
He: what’s so nice?
He: this is jus a good conversation
He: not to blogging extent'
He: well
Me: ;))
He: u make ordinary things look good in your blog
Me: summa... teasing that’s it
Me: shall I blog, then?
He: no worries
Me: :) that’s the spirit dude...
He: but I cant comment :D
Me: why?
He: hmmm
He: I dunno… will leave an anonymous comment :D
He: well, your blog is very descriptive
He: that’s what I feel
Me: :">
Me: I make simple things very interesting is it?
He: u potray things well
He: we can imagine what really happened when we read the blog
He: actually I am like that
Me: I should have been a journalist :D
He: I say things like that to my frnds
He: true true
He: a born journalist
Me: :">
Me: u r making me fly high da :D
He: hmmm…
He: I always want people to be on earth
He: down to earth
Me: am always... no doubt... jus a few currencies in my wallet can nevva change me...
He: yeah yeah
He: u buzz often
He: yeah
He: thts gud
Me: did you check out Sony eric’s K790i? its awesome :)
He: it seems that’s a gr8 mobile with so good pixel camera
He: my nokia is 2 mega pixel
He: that itself is gr8
Me: hmmm...
He: then imagine 3.2 pixel
Me: it has 3.2mp camera
He: hmmm
Me: how’s it?
He: u talking abt the phones rite
He: I can’t see walkmans here
Me: check ne phone which starts with W
He: w830i
Me: yup...
He: some server error here
Me: :((
He: Unfortunately, the server encountered an internal error and could not complete your request. Please check that you typed the address (URL) correctly.
Me: oki.. check out W550i its 10k
He: :))
Me: u liked it??:)
He: its good to look, but I could not see its features
He: what’s ur first preference?
Me: iPod :D
He: but u don’t want that now
Me: yeah... 8-
Me: :
Me: check this out..
He: hmmm…
Me: check out that
He: that page is opening slowly
Me: hmmm.. wot abt K790i???
He: Unfortunately, the server encountered an internal error and could not complete your request. Please check that you typed the address (URL) correctly.
He: =))
Me: :(
He: something wrong with server here
Me: ok..
He: I can’t help it
He: what’s ur budget?
Me: 15k..
He: for the fone?
Me: but is it worth spending so much???
He: if u think it’s a one time investment
He: the problem with mobiles is
He: u get the latest everyweek, and ur model gets cheaper
He: I would like u to go for a little old model where people already have it
Me: yeah... shall I buy N1100.. cheap n best :D
He: the latest model will have few problems which we never know
Me: yup.. that’s true..
He: go for that sony eric with 3.2 mp
He: I heard good reviews abt it
Me: 3.2 mp one?
He: s
Me: but its 18k now...
He: ohhh
He: I prefer mobiles less than 12 k
He: it’s too much beyond that
Me: yeah... that’s right
He: any mobile will look old after 2 yrs
He: :))
He: we have plans for 2 yrs here
Me: yup...
Me: so u changing ur cell?
He: must
He: my mobile is locked here
He: :(
He: I can’t use anywhere else
He: so I will buy a new one when I reach there.
He: u buy whatever
He: and tell me how it is
He: for me nokia is the best
He: I hate flip fones
He: I like my model very much
He: nokia 6280
Me: it’s too big 8-
He: flip fones r difficult to open with one hand
Me: nokia is too large to hold also…
He: yeah
He: but the display is superb
He: I have sachin foto as display pic
He: its jus gr8
Me: hmmm...
Me: many say that sony eric new models r simply gud... I mean the features...
He: hmm, they r really gud
He: they r beating nokia now
He: that’s what I heard
Me: yeah….
Me: in nokia.. I didn’t like color display...
He: but moto razer is runing hot here…

Day 3:
He: cooking
He: expect little late replies
He: how r u?
Me: okies
He: hey
He: nokia 6233 is costly
He: :(
He: $415
Me: its 14k it seems..
He: I can’t afford that much now
Me: check this one..
He: I have to wait for 2 months
Me: hmmm...
Me: but its 14k here da
He: it’s the same
He: when u convert
He: :)
Me: oh..oki...
Me: buy a basic phone 4 time being.. Later on switch to a nice model
He: how abt moto W220?
He: he he he
He: its written Rs 3000
Me: no idea about moto :-s
He: no…I don’t want to buy so many mobiles
He: mobile is like a gal frnd
He: i dont like switching
He: :0)
He: :))

Finally, I dropped the idea of buying both iPod and a new cell phone :)

My greatest da!

It was an year ago, I commented on his blog and later on we became good friends. A true, caring friend whom I address dada--elder brother in Bengali; the person whom I respect a lot. Sudipta's encouraging words helped me to prove myself in the classical dance-a group of six. And I performed without fear and confidence where a huge audience were enthusiastic and more than expected. For more than a week, I received best compliments from near and far ones :) I'm thankful to you, da!

We had the following conversation a couple of days, ago.

He: you know, up until the point I saw your pic I had a completely different idea about your personality and then when I talked to you it confirmed what the pic had said

: means?
didn't get u da

He: well, never mind

Me: u have to say

He: just that you come off differently on chat and on the phone/pics
Me: means?
He: ab kya means?

Me: u mean u had different image on me when we chatted
am i right?

He: yes thats right

Me: what image u had? :D

He: not sure if I can verbalize it just that it was different

Me: good or bad? :D

He: again... it is like telling which is greater
5 grams of water or 5 cm

Me: am pretty confused

He: can't say
tu confuse mat ho
jaa aram se lunch kha

Me: i understood--when we chatted
u had different image on me when u spoke it was different
on pic, different image
am i right?

He: yes... that is sort of the gist of it, except that the pic and the speaking were almost the same image and it was different from the chat image, if I may so call it

Me: accha

:) smart girl

Me: that i understood da
i just wanna know what those images were :D

He: oh... that is difficult to describe
how would you describe the feeling when you're jumping off a cliff?
there is just a feeling, right? no words to describe it
not that meeting you pushed me off a cliff :D

Me: u must say da
i wouldn’t leave u; until u speak out :P

He: lo
want me to jump off?

: will u?

He: he bhagavan
ghor kalyug aagaya

ab Manasa mujhe kuud ke apni jaan de dene ko keh rahi hai

kya hoga iss desh ka
Me: kuch nahi hoga ji
aap fikar mat karo
bataao na plz :D
kya karegi jaanke?
mere mummy se shikayat karegi?

Me: blog karoongi :)

He: ooh I see

Me: accha topic rahega na?

He: wo to hai
to dramatic bana ke likh de

Me: jaise aap kahewill u tell or not?

He: like, pehle ekdum seedhi saadhi bholi bhaali
phir baad mein ekdum chalu puriya

that will make for some spicy write-up ;)
Me: hehe
ab batao da
He: haan abhi bolo
what do you want to hear?
Me: 2 images
bolo na
ruk jaahaan so the first image was more of a person who is naive who doesn't know her way around in the world like, too simple nothing bad
but the second image conveyed a much more confident and self-respecting personality
without any loss of innocence
thats all

abhi khush?
Me: bahut khush :D
He: :)
Me: Now i understand
when u called me and saw my dance pics
aapka shak yakeen mein badal gaya :)
He: not so much as the dance pics
but the later ones
He: but yes, the dance pics were pretty impressive
Me: :D
He: but with makeup anyone looks great so it is difficult to read someone's character
later, your natural pics came and you appeared just as nice and if I may say, 'beautiful'
Me: :D
He: so my ideas were formed

Me: am flying da
am on cloud 9
He: :) sahi hai when I come to B'lore give me a treat
Me: da, suggest me a title for this
He: well, you can pick many good titles
right now I can think of
"What do you think of me"
"Connecting a face to a blog"
"Two different Manasaz"
"Who are you, online"
or this is the best suggestion
"My greatest Da" :P
Me: the last one suits best ;-)
He: :) I always knew that
Me: u be the 1st to comment
He: well, okay I'll try
let me know when you finish
Me: ok

Flying disaster

Have you seen a flying pan? I’ve! A disastrous accident happened at home when the pressure cooker flew off. Mother had added grains in the pressure pan.

The “weight” flew before it whistle blew, thus the pressure pan destroying the tap, wall tiles, kitchen roof and what not! The boiled rice struck all over the kitchen. Luckily, no one was in the kitchen. Only those stuffs were destroyed which could be replaced; not a human life. No injuries caused.

The next day, mother with lots of efforts and time opened the jammed cooker which had no handles from past night. The boiled rice struck over the utensils, floor and roof left the pan empty required a major clean up.

The whole incident would cause a chill through the spine.

Though, I’ve heard major accidents of pressure cookers which may claim a life, it’s a part of daily routine.

Cooking using a pressure pan; now I fear ;)


Don't you feel happy and trustworthy when near and dear ones come to you for advice or suggestion? Now-a-days, so many people ping me asking for suggestions/advice. I'm loving it :)))

A couple of months ago, a close friend of mine rang up asking me to suggest a good camera with better features and the estimated cost range. I explained to her the best brands, recent camera model. Experimenting the camera, she appreciated me for the good suggestion by me :)

Couple of weeks ago, a neighbour of mine abroad on a dependent visa, e-mailed me which course would be better there; suggested that learning a foreign language would be better.

A few days ago, another friend asked me to suggest a high end phone with all features. After owning the phone, thanks you for suggesting a nice one.

I wish I start a consultancy ;-) Not f(R)ee :D

Key to success

Huge Key of a 60 year old house; the house where we stayed during a visit to Madurai :)

City of Temples

Have you ever been to a city where you find an idol of Hindu god/goddess in every nook and corner of the city? Where you find atleast 2-3 temples a lane? If not, visit the City of Temples: Madurai, known for the famous Meenakshi Temple.

Gopuram at Meenakshi Temple.
Pond at the temple.

Top of Gopuram
I could just visit only three temples: Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madana Gopala Temple and Perumal Temple. The story of Goddess Meenakshi and her husband Sundareswaran's wedding is depicted through the carvings on the walls of the temple. You may find Lord Ganesha's idol or carving in every corner of the temple.
The following day we set ahead to Rameswaram well known for Setu Bridge. The temple here also shares a story: Lord Rama had to worship Lord Shiva's idol for the forgiveness of sin by killing a human. Lord Hanuman leaves in search of Lord Shiva's idol. By the time Hanuman arrives, Sita is done with Shiva's idol with sand. Angry over this, Hanuman pulls it. Rama Promises that the idol brought by Hanuman is always worshipped first. The idol made by Sita is called Spatika Linga.
Sands at the beach
Also said that there is a sangam of 2 seas.

LightHouse from Rama Temple.
On the way from DhanushKodi.
Other places to see at Rameswaram are Dhanushkodi, Ramarpadam, Floating Stones, Rama Theertham, Lakshmana Theertham, Sita Theertham, Agni Theertham. Bridge is no longer visible.

One disadvantage is that we don't find any boards in Hindi or English. If you are well versed in Tamil, you can enjoy a lot. By the end of your journey or yaatra, one becomes familar with the words-thambi(brother) and amman koyil(Goddess Temple) :)

Chitrakala Parishat

I was here at Chitrakala Parishat(CKP), a well known institute for fine arts, on 8th Sep to watch the photography exhibition by Wideangle though an open invitation :)

Apart from the photography, I also got an opportunity to meet some of the artists who are the proud students of CKP. The paintings by CKP students were outstanding. The paintings or the portraits convey their true meaning. I shall not speak much; go this weekend and relish the true essence.

The CKP campus is well maintained. My attention was caught by some of the creative work made out of the scrap; which anyone would appreciate :)

A bird made from old 2 wheeler.
Above: Drunk? :D

Above: Relax?
Creativity or intelligence doesn't reflect only in the code optimization. Neither it lies in the latest cutting-edge technology which we run after. For all those who slogged or still slogging with the coding, debugging-Don't we realise they are many better career options to explore than watching a monitor without a blink and clicking the mouse a thousand hits?

Journey of blogging two years

I'm back after a long time. I complete two years of blogging :) The first few posts I've written may be defined as a perfect definition of crap. Don't ever try to read them ;-) The second post received good response, though. Initially, I never had a thought--what to scribble. As and when thoughts flashed, I would pen down! It improved my vocabulary also. I read blogs by others and commented; received the same response from them, too.

This space of mine, commonly addressed a "Blog", where I express my thoughts, my sadness etc etc has turned out to be an open diary!

In this journey of blogging, I have met some of the gems. The people who gave genuine comments on my write up. And yes, "Jooti taareef barbaad kardeti hain"(False opinions/guidance ruin the future)...Sometimes, naah! Many-a-times, I pester few of my friends who relish this blog, to suggest on the write up before I pulish here. Thanks to them for what I am here :)

Technical or Management

In one of my previous blog posts, I had mentioned that most people quit IT field and pursue higher studies. Here goes the reason!

This was a forwarded email. Answers a common question:Why do people with 2-3 years experience in IT field; the so called "software" engineers take up GRE for MS or CAT for MBA.

Dedicated to all software engineers who take up CAT.

CAT-Common Admission Test. Probably the toughest exam to crack in the world today. The major chunks of people who take up CAT are Software Engineers with an experience of 0-3 years. I have been also a part of this "Junta". Here are five reasons why software engineers treat writing CAT as “religion".

The first reason is some people hate to code. These are the group of people who don't get a shit out of Mainframe, Java or Dot Net. These are the people who are still confused between the difference of "Classes" and “Objects". These are the people who get at least ten errors per line of code they write. These are the group of people
who hate to hear terms such as "Defect","Enhancement","Unit Testing".

The second reason why people take up cat is "joblessness". Yes people on "Bench". Some of these guys wanted to be hot shot computer programmers but end up just playing computer games to pass their free time. One of my friends used to dream of joining "Google" one day. He got a campus placement in one of the well known software companies of India. He was so good that he topped in his training batch. But would u believe me this guy is on "Bench" for the past one and a half years. First week on bench he played computer games. Second week he spoke to his Project Manager and asked him to install some software so that he can learn something. His Project Manager denied him giving a reason "Project Cost". Third week he just felt "helpless" sitting idle in office. Fourth week he decided to take Up CAT.

The third reason is "Money & Opportunities". As most of you would have been reading in various magazines and internet websites that average salaries in leading B-schools are more than 10 lacs pa. I can bet that any Software Engineer in any of the software service majors in this country cannot reach this figure in the next five years. Frankly speaking I feel that the job of software engineers is equal in challenge to the job of B-school grads. If the challenge is same ...why not the salaries...? When software engineers don’t get an answer to this question, one day they decide to go for the bucks...and join a B-school.

The fourth reason is the reason which caused "Ramayana" and "Mahabharata".
Yes you got it right "girlfriends". One of my roommates got a call from his baby just before his CAT exams and she said "do well at least for me". This guy got so excited that he ended up attempting 65 out of 75 questions in CAT this year. Another friend of mine says that he wants to pursue a technical career but he says that his girlfriend wants him to doManagement. She told him that her brother has a MBA degree from a top B-school, so he should also have one. Bullshit!! If I were my friend I would
have ditched her that day coz you cannot get any silly reason for taking up CAT
than this.

The last reason is "Following the crowd." These groups of people write CAT because everyone else around them is writing. These are the people who perform the worst in the exam and give a push up to other people percentiles.

Whatever is the reason, one fine Sunday morning in November they would all
assemble in some examination center in some part of the country to take up a
challenge called as "CAT”.

How true :D

Template changed-2

I'm back with a new template from the default templates provided by blogger. Yet, I miss the old one which I admire a lot. You too must be missing that template; if you had been visiting this blog before. Currently, all the old useful links are gone.

I shall replace this one with a new template if I find time on a fine weekend :) Till then this template.

Template changed

Dear readers,
The template of this blog has been altered without my knowledge :( Not able to understand if blogger isn't supporting the html format or the source isn't available.

Comments to retrieve the template are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Rain, rain, go away!

I am back to blogging after a long time. Those who have been reading this blog regularly may wonder where this blogger has been all these days! There are quite a many reasons why I couldn't publish inspite of many thoughts.

Lack of internet. BSNL Broadband connection seems to be pathetic during rains. Its been a month and half that I've not been able to access the internet.

After a couple of weeks, my PC at home isn't starting at all :( I hear the fan running. I infer that there isn't any power supply to the motherboard and must be serviced.

These days, the traffic is so pathetic that it takes an hour and half to cover a distance of 2kms :(
Pathetic water pool on the road @ Hosur Road due to rains. Look at the guy (extreme right) washing his bike :D

Blogging in Hindi

Just tried this new invention by google: which translates the words typed in English to Hindi.

I copied and pasted one of my favourite songs with English words in the editor and the result:
जीवन के सफ़र में रही
मिलते हैं भिचार जाने को
और दे जाते हैं यादें
तन्हाई में तद्पाने को
रो रो के इन्ही राहों में
खोना पड़ा एक अपनी को
रो रो के इन्ही राहों में
खोना पड़ा एक अपनी को
हस हस के इन्ही राहों में
अपनाया था बेगानी को
जीवन के सफ़र में रही
मिलते हैं भिचार जाने को
और दे जाते हैं यादें
तन्हाई में तद्पाने को

तुम अपनी नयी दुनिया में
हो जाओ पराए बन कर
तुम अपनी नयी दुनिया में
हो जाओ पराए बन कर
जीं पाए तो हम जीं लेंगे
मारने कि सज़ा पाने को
जेईवन के सफ़र में रही
मिलते हैं भिचार जाने को
और दे जाते हैं यादें
तन्हाई में तद्पाने को

Don't mess with me!

Here I am, in the food court having my breakfast alone in the mornings. A friend of mine sees me and with a broad smile asks: "Don't you get bored eating alone?" I said,"Why should I? I love spending time on myself. Got it?"

A friend of mine-"Why don't you buy a laptop?"
"Why? For what should I go for it?"
"Since you are earning, its affordable! Sell off your desktop."
(Annoyed)"My PC is in a good condition. Moreover, it serves my purpose. Just because I earn, I can't invest a huge amount on dumb advices."

This incident happened several weeks ago when I was on my way to a friend's house. The lady who stays in neighborhood, with a wicked smile interrupted me-"Enamma channagi dress maadkondu ello hort haag ide"(Hey there, dressed well-where are you headed to?) I was annoyed by such interrogation. Wondered what on earth made her ask this. Instead of minding her work, she was more enthusiastic to keep a record of others routine. I was getting late and replied with a plastic smile-"prati sala naanu elli hodru keLthiralla :| "(Whenever I step out of my house, you are keen to know where I am going) That was the last time she questioned me. Whew, now I'm freed from explanations to others.

The other day, while talking to my friend regarding onsite opportunities. He said,"Why do you gals need to go onsite alone?" It annoyed me-"Guys can digest the fact when gals race them in several aspect!" What was bothering him if gals go onsite?

There are several things which shouldn't be asked neither answered. Some people intend to ask such several annoying questions-can't judge if its out of their stupidity or intentionally want to hurt you!

Wah Taj Wah

I visited Lalbagh on August 11th with my friend. I remembered not to forget to take my camera with me. As we entered, I clicked with my camera. IT was an amazing experience to click and captured several pictures of flowers :) If you have missed Flowershow, then you have missed a wonder. No editing done on the pics. Shot with Canon S3 IS.

Busy bee


Bhel Puri



Glass House



Taj Mahal






Happy man



Some more pics here.

1 year of corporate life

I completed an year in the IT industry: A journey from a fresher to a lateral. July 31st 2006-07: This day, an year back July 31st 2006 I had stepped into the company with the offer letter which I had longed for. It was day, attending induction from the various units(dept), giving self-introduction to the new faces from different parts of the country with lots of dreams. The first two days of induction: we had signed too many forms, truly don't remember how many we signed on :) This was the day when we got a salary account with NIL balance(since it was the first day :) and got a swipe card which had to be hung around our neck even if we dislike. Induction was followed by the world class training sessions. I could say it was 9th semester of engineering :D working on our assignments by EOD. Training was the best :)

At the end of the training, most were asked to go to different places based on the requirement. This year, we decided to celebrate on the completion of 1 year here. Few of them came up with the idea of a batch photo followed by cake cutting and distribution of coffee mugs along with eveyone's signature on it.
Well, apart from this I can say that I've learnt a lot in this journey: meeting different sort of people with various places, the way process goes on etc. Why people crib? Why some people quit and fly to US for higher studies. Why some people slog preparing for CAT even after realising that there's much more slogging after they get into IIMs. I shall answer all these later. For the time being, I shall stop here.

What’s your lunch today?

It was 12:20 noon on Friday, as usual I added my lunch mates to join the conversation and decide when to leave for lunch. It had been a fortnight I had been taking lunch from the food court. One of my friends called me for the lunch; with wallet in my hand I left with her.

Four of us were conversing about the various topics the mid-way and thus we reached the food court. While in the queue to buy the coupon, all of a sudden I was reminded that I had got lunch from home and left it at my cube :( When I explained this to my friend who was along with me in the queue; it sounded very funny to her. When the same was told to other two friends, one of them was supportive and already knew why I had forgotten to leave it in my cube: since I hadn’t got Tupperware past a fortnight. Thank god, the other two didn’t giggle :)

When I reached home, I explained my mom the whole incident. She asked if I intended to throw the food. I knew the pain she had taken in the morning preparing food for me. During dinner, I had my lunch: curd rice with pickle and payasa, along with other recipes. That made my mom happy :)

Add, Sub, Multiply, Divide

Those who love Mathematics will like this video. It reminds of primary school days when we tried hard to memorize the Multiplication Table till 20 X 20. That was the time when we counted numbers by our tiny fingers :) As we reached the PU level, learn t Trigonometry: which deals with the properties of triangle. Sometimes, I wonder how the scientists could derive such equations.

During the last four semesters of engineering, I missed this favorite subject of mine :( The whole of computer networking(eg: Ad Hoc networks) are all based on Graph Theory in which we learnt the concept of Nodes, Trees(Data Structures), Hamilton path, minimum spanning tree, Seven Bridges of Konigsberg, Shortest path problem, Traveling Salesman problem, toset, poset(yes, I still remember them :) As you advance Discrete Mathematics there's Concrete Mathematics :)
The whole of Finite Automata(compiler design) is based on discrete mathematics. Applied mathematics: never understood to the core and never gave a try. :)

A popular saying: "Mathematicians can be good engineers, but an engineer cannot be a good mathematician."

Somewhere I belong...

During my school days, a Sanskrit teacher had taught us --- There are three categories of people:

  1. Those who know that the task is difficult but NOT impossible, they accept the challenge and accomplish it. They are go-getters.
  2. This category of people accept the challenge and leave it mid-way due to difficulty.
  3. This category of people do not accept the task knowing that its difficult.

I'm motivated reading the books, "The Monk who sold his ferrari" and "The Alchemist". Sometimes, I feel if our decisions are firm and we stick to our decisions: even the destiny cannot stop us :) Yes, its true. Many a times, we feel that inspite of hardships we are not gaining what we wish; but there exists some strong force which drives us to achieve our goals - No matter even if its late.

Always concrete on what you want - let come what may! Hope and dream always make a person live better, we always hope for the best and sometimes compromise. Learn from each experience you have had. Live your present - no regrets of your past or future. Never give up!

Those who know others are wise; those who know others are enlightened :)

There have been many times that I've seeked advices of acquaintances. And I'm thankful to them for their guidance in a RIGHT path without whom I could've possibly not achieved :)

Remember, "The purpose of life is a life of purpose."

I found the "Alchemist." Have you?

"Self mastery is the DNA of life-mastery."

Travel - traffic zone

Most of us travel by bus daily. And these days, it takes minimum an hour or more to reach the destination during the peak hours. The traffic is pathetic, no matter how you commute. The most common question:
What to do while traveling in the bus for long duration?
  1. Radio
  2. Novel
  3. Dose off
  4. Read newspaper
  5. Chanting mantras
  6. Watch movies on iPod(if you have iPod)
  7. Playing crossword/sudoku
  8. Play chess/other games on your phone
  9. Talk to your neighbor (if acquainted)
  10. Peeping through the window (if you’ve occupied window seat)
  11. sms Vasanthi-"The traffice updates" ;)
Talking over the phone for “long duration” is bad, sometimes annoys others next to you.

What do you do while traveling in the bus? I’m sure you must have tried some of the above options :)


Few months back, I was in a dilemma to chose an mp3 player or a cell phone which also serves as an mp3 player. Since my phone was in a good condition I decided to retain my phone and bought an mp3 player. I wasn not able to chose an mp3 player due to the several brands and their features. Most suggested me: iPod, Creative, M-Robe, Sandisk, iRiver and Transcend. I searched on amazon and read several reviews about the mp3 players and was more confused which one to opt for!

If you watch the videos below, I am sure you will be in dilemma ;-)
Sansa 4GB
Olympus m-robe

iRiver S10

iRiver Clix

Finally, the iWars: Amazing video

What did I finally buy?
I bought Transcend 1GB mp3 player :)
"Necessity is the mother of invention." I could've opt for iPod or Creative but I knew my needs and bought a simple player.

Some more pics

Friday evening, I clicked several pics around with my Canon S3 IS along with Ayan da who clicked with his Canon EOS 400D. Many pics were shot under his guidance :) Most snaps are taken in Av mode. I need lots of improvement :) Suggestions and comments are welcome!

Bikhre Bimb - Destroyed Images

I’ve been receiving many mails about the schedule of a Hindi play “Bikhre Bimb” by Girish Karnad @ Ranga Shankara, almost every month. I watched this play way back in Nov 2006. Play stars Arundhati Nag alone. It was the first time I got the chance and stepped into the auditorium. I had tried for the tickets twice and was only told that “Tickets sold out” for the previous plays by other productions. This time, luck on my side, bought 8 tickets a couple of days before :)

The play kicks of with Arundhati Nag alone throughout, a lecturer, on a TV interview explaining as about her published book which is a major hit, sold out well and brought her success and fame – an award. When the interview concludes, she is leaving the stage her inner soul yells and thus, the story begins. Her inner soul puts forth the questions and then she reveals the truth about the book being a hit. The story of “her” book had been flipped by her. The actual story was written by her younger unmarried sister who was paralyzed – unable to move and always stayed in her room. Being a lecturer, the lady is back home only at twilight and hadn’t achieved much in life except her husband, a software engineer - who now spends most of his time at home(Work from home), had fallen in love with her, long time ago. As time passes, she turns out to be career oriented. She has been jealous of her younger sibling since her parents had always loved her younger sister than her and more beautiful than her. When her parents die, her sister starts residing at her home, in a small room. Being paralyzed, she confines her world to the room. Her brother-in-law always was in good terms to her. He had never made her feel alone and they would speak several things. One fine evening, when the elder sister comes home after the college, she hears both of them laughing over a joke. As soon as her husband notices her home, he walks out of her room without a word. She feels suspicious that her husband pays more attention to her younger sister - knows her likes, dislikes etc and their marriage is almost broken.

One day, after her death, the elder sister searches her room and finds an interesting story written by her younger sister. The last page had s signature “M. Naik”. Since both their names begin with M, she takes it for granted that no one can ever figure out who the author was! Without her husband’s knowledge, she contacts the publisher and the deal is done. A few documents from the publisher read by him in the kitchen without her knowledge. He stands speechless. Angered over him, she yells that there is nothing wrong in doing so. After that, he leaves to US and had never tried to contact her. She gets the story published under her name which turns out to be a major hit and wins an award. He doesn’t turn up for the award function. This hurts her. The story written by her sister was about the three people: herself, elder sister and sister’s husband. Younger sister describes the elder one to be the cruel one who had always been jealous of her, who never understood her feelings, never tried to be humane.

At the end of the play, the elder sister is guilty and recalls that when her husband saw the documents she should have confessed and stopped him. Now, it’s too late.

Overall, the play is worth watch.

Simple yoga at work

Click on the image to view the enlarged one.

Forgotten facets!

A young child in kinder garden is taught computer basic programming, the child can play the latest games if not "outdoor sport", can play all the indoor games simulated on a colorful screen of a mobile phone. Even if he doesn't know the basic mathematics: counting numbers with his fingers he can give you the accurate result with his laptop. Even though he hasn't seen the next lane, we has seen the whole universe on the discovery channel.

We learn the latest technology and call it "western" and exclaim "Woooooooooooooow!". We've forgotten the ancient facets of India.


Born in 476 CE in Kusumpur (Bihar), Aryabhatt's intellectual brilliance remapped the boundaries of mathematics and astronomy. In 499 CE, at the age of 23, he wrote a text on astronomy and an unparallel treatise on mathematics called "Aryabhatiyam." He formulated the process of calculating the motion of planets and the time of eclipses. Aryabhatt was the first to proclaim that the earth is round, it rotates on its axis, orbits the sun and is suspended in space - 1000 years before Copernicus published his heliocentric theory. He is also acknowledged for calculating p (Pi) to four decimal places: 3.1416 and the sine table in trigonometry. Centuries later, in 825 CE, the Arab mathematician, Mohammed Ibna Musa credited the value of Pi to the Indians, "This value has been given by the Hindus." And above all, his most spectacular contribution was the concept of zero without which modern computer technology would have been non-existent. Aryabhatt was a colossus in the field of mathematics.


Born in the obscure village of Vijjadit (Jalgaon) in Maharastra, Bhaskaracharya's work in Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry catapulted him to fame and immortality. His renowned mathematical works called "Lilavati" and "Bijaganita" are considered to be unparalled and a memorial to his profound intelligence. Its translation in several languages of the world bear testimony to its eminence. In his treatise "Siddhant Shiromani" he writes on planetary positions, eclipses, cosmography, mathematical techniques and astronomical equipment. In the "Surya Siddhant" he makes a note on the force of gravity: "Objects fall on earth due to a force of attraction by the earth. Therefore, the earth, planets, constellations, moon, and sun are held in orbit due to this attraction." Bhaskaracharya was the first to discover gravity, 500 years before Sir Isaac Newton. He was the champion among mathematicians of ancient and medieval India. His works fired the imagination of Persian and European scholars, who through research on his works earned fame and popularity.


As the founder of "Vaisheshik Darshan"- one of six principal philosophies of India - Acharya Kanad was a genius in philosophy. He is believed to have been born in Prabhas Kshetra near Dwarika in Gujarat. He was the pioneer expounder of realism, law of causation and the atomic theory. He has classified all the objects of creation into nine elements, namely: earth, water, light, wind, ether, time, space, mind and soul. He says, "Every object of creation is made of atoms which in turn connect with each other to form molecules." His statement ushered in the Atomic Theory for the first time ever in the world, nearly 2500 years before John Dalton. Kanad has also described the dimension and motion of atoms and their chemical reactions with each other. The eminent historian, T.N. Colebrook, has said, "Compared to the scientists of Europe, Kanad and other Indian scientists were the global masters of this field."


He was an extraordinary wizard of science born in the nondescript village of Baluka in Madhya Pradesh. His dedicated research for twelve years produced maiden discoveries and inventions in the faculties of chemistry and metallurgy. Textual masterpieces like "Ras Ratnakar," "Rashrudaya" and "Rasendramangal" are his renowned contributions to the science of chemistry. Where the medieval alchemists of England failed, Nagarjuna had discovered the alchemy of transmuting base metals into gold. As the author of medical books like "Arogyamanjari" and "Yogasar," he also made significant contributions to the field of curative medicine. Because of his profound scholarliness and versatile knowledge, he was appointed as Chancellor of the famous University of Nalanda. Nagarjuna's milestone discoveries impress and astonish the scientists of today.

Acharya Charak has been crowned as the Father of Medicine. His renowned work, the "Charak Samhita", is considered as an encyclopedia of Ayurveda. His principles, diagoneses, and cures retain their potency and truth even after a couple of millennia. When the science of anatomy was confused with different theories in Europe, Acharya Charak revealed through his innate genius and enquiries the facts on human anatomy, embryology, pharmacology, blood circulation and diseases like diabetes, tuberculosis, heart disease, etc. In the "Charak Samhita" he has described the medicinal qualities and functions of 100,000 herbal plants. He has emphasized the influence of diet and activity on mind and body. He has proved the correlation of spirituality and physical health contributed greatly to diagnostic and curative sciences. He has also prescribed and ethical charter for medical practitioners two centuries prior to the Hippocratic oath. Through his genius and intuition, Acharya Charak made landmark contributions to Ayurvedal. He forever remains etched in the annals of history as one of the greatest and noblest of rishi-scientists.


A genius who has been glowingly recognized in the annals of medical science. Born to sage Vishwamitra, Acharya Sudhrut details the first ever surgery procedures in "Sushrut Samhita," a unique encyclopedia of surgery. He is venerated as the father of plastic surgery and the science of anesthesia. When surgery was in its infancy in Europe, Sushrut was performing Rhinoplasty (restoration of a damaged nose) and other challenging operations. In the "Sushrut Samhita," he prescribes treatment for twelve types of fractures and six types of dislocations. His details on human embryology are simply amazing. Sushrut used 125 types of surgical instruments including scalpels, lancets, needles, Cathers and rectal speculums; mostly designed from the jaws of animals and birds. He has also described a number of stitching methods; the use of horse's hair as thread and fibers of bark. In the "Sushrut Samhita," and fibers of bark. In the "Sushrut Samhita," he details 300 types of operations. The ancient Indians were the pioneers in amputation, caesarian and cranial surgeries. Acharya Sushrut was a giant in the arena of medical science.


A renowned astrologer and astronomer who was honored with a special decoration and status as one of the nine gems in the court of King Vikramaditya in Avanti (Ujjain). Varahamihir's book "panchsiddhant" holds a prominent place in the realm of astronomy. He notes that the moon and planets are lustrous not because of their own light but due to sunlight. In the "Bruhad Samhita" and "Bruhad Jatak," he has revealed his discoveries in the domains of geography, constellation, science, botany and animal science. In his treatise on botanical science, Varamihir presents cures for various diseases afflicting plants and trees. The rishi-scientist survives through his unique contributions to the science of astrology and astronomy.


The Science of Yoga is one of several unique contributions of India to the world. It seeks to discover and realize the ultimate Reality through yogic practices. Acharya Patanjali, the founder, hailed from the district of Gonda (Ganara) in Uttar Pradesh. He prescribed the control of prana (life breath) as the means to control the body, mind and soul. This subsequently rewards one with good health and inner happiness. Acharya Patanjali's 84 yogic postures effectively enhance the efficiency of the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive and endocrine systems and many other organs of the body. Yoga has eight limbs where Acharya Patanjali shows the attainment of the ultimate bliss of God in samadhi through the disciplines of: yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dhyan and dharna. The Science of Yoga has gained popularity because of its scientific approach and benefits. Yoga also holds the honored place as one of six philosophies in the Indian philosophical system. Acharya Patanjali will forever be remembered and revered as a pioneer in the science of self-discipline, happiness and self-realization.


Acharya Bharadwaj had a hermitage in the holy city of Prayag and was an ordent apostle of Ayurveda and mechanical sciences. He authored the "Yantra Sarvasva" which includes astonishing and outstanding discoveries in aviation science, space science and flying machines. He has described three categories of flying machines: 1.) One that flies on earth from one place to another. 2.) One that travels from one planet to another. 3.) And One that travels from one universe to another. His designs and descriptions have impressed and amazed aviation engineers of today. His brilliance in aviation technology is further reflected through techniques described by him:1.) Profound Secret: The technique to make a flying machine invisible through the application of sunlight and wind force.2.) Living Secret: The technique to make an invisible space machine visible through the application of electrical force.3.) Secret of Eavesdropping: The technique to listen to a conversation in another plane.4.) Visual Secrets: The technique to see what's happening inside another plane.Through his innovative and brilliant discoveries, Acharya Bharadwaj has been recognized as the pioneer of aviation technology.


Celebrated as the founder of Sankhya philosophy, Acharya Kapil is believed to have been born in 3000 BCE to the illustrious sage Kardam and Devhuti. He gifted the world with the Sankhya School of Thought. His pioneering work threw light on the nature and principles of the ultimate Soul (Purusha), primal matter (Prakruti) and creation. His concept of transformation of energy and profound commentaries on atma, non-atma and the subtle elements of the cosmos places him in an elite class of master achievers-incomparable to the discoveries of other cosmologists. On his assertion that Prakruti, with the inspiration of Purusha, is the mother of cosmic creation and all energies, he contributed a new chapter in the science of cosmology. Because of his extrasensory observations and revelations on the secrets of creation, he is recognized and saluted as the Father of Cosmology.