A season of birthdays

Jan 5: It had been several months that I had listened to the talk of my favorite, famous RJ on Radio City 91.1fm, the city's first private radio station launched in 2001. That evening I hurried home as early as possible so that I could listen to the mind blowing show on air which was to be host by person whose voice I frenzied for years. It was 8:50 in the evening, I turned the frequency tuner of my 12 year old Philips radio to listen a show "Top 8 at 8" always anchored by Darius. I was astonished to learn that so many radio stations exist at almost each frequency I tuned within a short span of time. Finally, I stopped tuning at 91.1fm. The show was at the verge of completion. All those who have been listening to Radio City quite a long time might have got, that it was Darius's birthday, the RJ who had been a heartthrob of many Bangaloreans(Well, even though Bangalore has been renamed Bengalooru; I don't know if Bangaloreans is replaced by some other name. For time being, let it be Bangaloreans.) I was disappointment that the show was hosted by RJ Sunaina. I listened to the show for the last ten minutes, then I switched off the radio. In the flashback mode, remembered the radio programs hosted by him in which most listeners hardly addressed him "Darius" instead calling him Dowrius, De rius, Darius Sunainawala. My friend Praths and me always gossiped about RJing. According to us, it was the coolest profession for being paid for non-stop talking, no dress code, your voice reaches every common man, chance to speak to so many people including personalities and huge fan rush. Though I missed his show, I'm happy that I can wish through this blog.

I found these articles after googling for a while.
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Jan 11: Our Indian cricket captains birthday!!! Some of his pics which I admire the most.

And here goes the cutetest pic!!!

Jan 18: My friend's birthday who has always supported me at all times. Seventeen years of friendship and not out. Cheers to our friendship!!! Blog imagesProud be have a friend like her. Happy Birthday, Praths. Blog images Words cannot describe how much you mean to me, how much I miss you. Let our friendship last forever, come what may!


  1. thanx a looot Manasa that was really sweet of you to've done that. hmmmm interesting pics of Rahul and info regarding Darius...amazing!!

  2. I had actually read this post: just had lurked around without commenting :)

    So, belated happy budday to all of them! :)

  3. Praths, Welcome!!! You owe me a treat ;)
    Sudipta, Your bday also falls on Jan 15th. Sorry, forgot to include yours :(


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