Malgudi Days

Last Saturday, I was googling to find one of the videos. Having it would be a great collection or rather say life time collection. Finally, I found it. Yes, one of my favourite TV show: Malgudi Days on Google Videos after a long time. It was a moment of ecstasy to find them. During school days, I enjoyed watching Malgudi Days: Swami and His Friends on Doordarshan. Little Swaminathan played by Manjunath always being scolded by his father ; his father, Sreenivasan: a lawyer played by Girish Karnad, his friends circle being Somu, Mani, Sankar, Samuel and Rajam. Little Swami used to narrate the whole incidents took place at school to his granny after reaching home. It catapult me to my childhood pranks. The whole serial was shot in Shimoga District. Malgudi, being a fictious town situated on the shore of river Sarayu(Neither exists Malgudi nor the river Sarayu).The serial was later broadcasted on Sony Television. If you are a die hard fan of R.K. Narayan and Malgudi Days, you'll enjoy a few videos for sure!!! Don't miss it. Since the videos are not in WMP format, I downloaded Google Video Player. Malgudi Days left an incredible mark on the audience. Watch it once, you'll watch it again and again. Hats off to the writer as well as director. Some of the videos which I downloaded :

A Hero
Leela's friend
Old man of Temple
A Hoard
Seventh House
A horse and two goats
The missing mail
Apart from those videos on Google. I found many other episodes here. For more info on short stories,click here. Some more collections are the title track and E-book: Swami and His Friends.

Who would go out on a weekend after finding such a treasure?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh nice... let me find some time some day and then I can spend a good afternoon going through these.

  2. Sudipta, I'm sure your afternoon will be great :)

  3. manasa sometime back I gotto meet Ebenezer swami's principal...he said the entire malgudi days crew had a great time on the sets....yep it was shot in a near by village of Agumbe.

  4. Prathima, me too, happen to see him a couple of times :)
    Same pinch to you!!!


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