Navigated away?

  • It was 5:45 in the evening, I had finished typing the my thoughts in the blogger editor. Having logged on to yahoo messenger and Gtalk, I set my status on Gtalk "Updating blog" and forgot to set the same status on yahoo. As a result, one of my friend who noticed my status "Available" on Yahoo buzzed me. I pressed some other keys. A pop up appeared "Do you want to navigate away from this page? If YES click OK, else click CANCEL." By mistake I clicked OK. I was awe stuck as the editor where I typed the whole thoughts for an hour vanished in a couple of second. All was gone. I felt very pathetic that I had to redo it once again. I did type the same devoting an hour more!

    I felt that rather than using the blogger editor, there are various ways to post to the blogger. Each one provides some features: saving the draft on the local hardisk/desktop, retrieving the photos from flickr or photobucket et cetera, et cetera.

  • The default one is to log on to blogger, type in the editor, upload the photos or even copy and paste html code. Finally, publish your post.
  • Download blogger bot.
  • Download google's Picasa. Scan all the photos in your local disk and finally upload it on your blog. This is a better choice if you are uploading photos.
  • Sign up Yahoo's flickr, provide the appropriate credentials. Click on a photo, provide some writeup if you wish to and then publish. Or else click on a photo according to the required dimension, copy and paste the code into the blogger editor.
  • Download the browser: Flock. You can draft the post offline and publish while you are connected.
  • Download Windows Live Writer. For this, you should have signed up Windows live mail using your Hotmail account. Provide the credentials. Pen down your thoughts and publish.
  • Try i.e. Google's docs and spreadsheet. Access it from anywhere. It saves all the docs periodically as we type.

I've tried all of the above. Have you?


  1. namaskara,

    Hmm...interesting. I did not know about Flock browser. Thanks for the update on that one.

    Keep writing. Keep lighting.


  2. Picasa rocks... not only does it allow to blog snaps directly, but its also a very good photo manager.

  3. this is a useful info for people who r as dumb as u

    good on u to giv them this info

  4. Shakri, Thanks!
    You must try Flock browser. Its truly amazing.

    Nandish, Yup, Picasa rocks :)

    Vikrem, I guess this info is very useful to you, indeed :D


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