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Sudipta tagged me: I am supposed to write 3 of my dreams which are bizarre and tag 5 people to share their bizarre dreams. During school days, I had weird dreams and soometimes even fell down from the bed and hurt myself. Mom used to place a pillow next to me so that I wouldn't fall. At times, my dreams were so frightening that I ran to my mom with tears rolling down my cheeks.

1. This dream, I had long back while I was in primary school: My parents had been out for the day. My neighbouring friend and me, tired of playing the same old outdoor sport decided to watch a horror movie at her home. Her parents had been out. We were accompanied by 4-5 more kids who happened to be her siblings and her cousins. As we watched the movie, some started weeping, some yelling out of fear, some buring head below the pillow. I still remember the whole saga. After dinner, without uttering a word to my parents that I had watched a horror movie, went to my bed. I closed my tiring eyes, heard chair moving back and forth, a moving shadow at the window, dogs barking, telephone ringing and at the same time someone knocking the door, yelling my name, compelling me to open the door. I walk towards the main door, as I open the door a long-haired lady wrapped in a white sari, her back towards me slowly turned and caught hold of my neck. Well, I couldn't notice her face.

Aah, Don't be scared. It was just a dream. I'm still alive!

2. This one is one of the oldest dream during school. I had watched Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. Then went to sleep: I was busy with my assignments and mom calls me for dinner. I arrange the books in the shelf. Since my fountain pen was running out of ink I dip it in the huge ink pot. Beside the ink pot, I see the two tiny people of lilli puts waving their hands at me. I was stuck in awe. I pick them up and start staring at them. They expalined to me how they were lost from their community and found their way here!!! We conversed well and thus became good companions. I got them food and tiny clothes. It was like: Life injected into the dolls. I was very happy with those tiny creatures. No one knew their presence in my room.

Hope I meet them again in my dreams.

3. A couple of years ago, had been to the famous Crocodile Park in Chennai. It was rather amusing to see so many varieties of well-nourished hundreds and thousands of crocodiles with mouth wide opened craving for their prey. That night in my dreams I happen to be the one and the only one to hold a long crocodile in my hands, grinning and posing for a snap among the crowd. And the whole crowd happen to appreciate me for my braveness. Yes, you read it correct. Don't rub your eyes.

Bravo me!!! Weird dream.

As per the tag, I should tag 5 people to share their bizarre dreams. Tell me your dreams:


  1. hahaha
    i hope u r not afraid of horror movies atleast now...during dont see horror movies even when elders are with them...u saw it with bunch of kids! tht would hav been really terrifying

  2. Vikrem, If you had watched that movie with other kids; believe me you might have had the same dream repeatedly :P

  3. Sorry da!
    Catching up with blogs now....

    I dont know if I can recollect 3... I but I sure can recollect 1 for sure... will blog shortly..


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