Happy Ugadi

Happy Ugadi to one and all. Ugadi marks the beginning of the New year Lunar Calender of Hindus. We have a cycle of 60 years, and each of them have a specific name and the year which we will be ushering in is the Sarvajith year. A year where we will triumph in everything we venture! I had written about importance of Ugadi here last year.


  1. Hi Manasa,

    Needed info on Ugadi as i am working on a project for this. Can you give me the entire poem in kananda.

  2. Hello!
    Me is a new Blogger to yor Blog!
    Happy Ugadi to you too..!

    -- Abhishek

  3. @ Zoheb, Its Kannada not "kananda". I've written about it recently.

    @ Abhishek, Wish you happy Ugadi :)


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