A prank?

My cell phone's always in a vibrating mode. It was 3:45 in the noon and my phone begun vibrating. It was an unknown phone number calling. I picked up and a male voice on the other end uttered my name, the voice which I never heard before. I couldn't recognise whose voice it was! I asked, "Who's this?" The person at the other end told his name. Well, I had never heard of that person before to the best of my knowledge.

Me: Whose this? I've don't know you. You must've mistaken.
He: Are you from this particular school?
Me: Yup, how do you know me?
He: I'm from your school staff. We've arranged for a school re-union this weekend. Do try to make it up.
Me: How did you find my cell no? Puzzled.
He: From the database.
Me: Shocked. What database could it be???
I've not provided my phone number anywhere!

The phone line went dead. I was in a confused state wondering how that person found my phone number. I contacted my school friends inquiring if they had received such phone call? None of my friends including girls and guys had received. When discussed with one of my close buddy:

Me: Hi, did you receive any such phone call?
He: Nope. There wasn't any mobile technology when we were at school. Many people hardly owned any landline. Forget about owning a cell phone!
Me: Then why did I alone get such a phone call?
He: May be someone would've done it with intention. Just ignore such calls.
Me: But how did he get my phone number?
He: Just forget it. May be just a prank call.

I've been ignoring such things past a long time. Hope this stops!


  1. If this has been happening time and again, then it may be time to file a complaint --- maybe even inform your school authorities about someone misusing their name. Otherwise if it happened just this once then it may also be a prank call --- try to be cautious in the future.

    BTW, if you have the number then it may not be so difficult to trace the person if things do turn ugly. Do keep your friends/parents informed.

  2. Never mind. As your buddy mentioned- just ignore. People just try random numbers just to test their luck.


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