Unix ke side effects!

This incident happened during our training classes six months ago. There were three stream training batches: DotNet, Java/J2EE and last but not the least good old Open Systems. We were 174 in the entire batch, 58 in each stream. I was in Open Systems training. Open Systems comprises of Unix, C++, Oracle(pl/sql) and Visual Basic(VB).

Unix was the very first session we had in OS. Few others in our batch whom I remember are Gladis, Indu, Jeetu, Dinesh, Jagdeep... One of our friend, Jeetu began calling Gladis=>Gladex, Dinesh=>Dinex, Jagdeep=>Deepex, Jeetu=>Jeetex, Indu=>Index and finally me=>Manex! From that day onwards, I've been addressing two of my close buddies; Gladis=>Gladex and Indu=>Index!
Not only me but others also address them this way.

I've been accustomed to calling them Index and Gladis that their names have vanished off my memory.

Thus, Unix has its effect!!! Unable to come out of its impact.

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