The ever-elusive pot of gold!

I met one of my close buddy after a long time (Can't disclose the person's name). We spoke of current affairs. As we moved on with our conversation, we also spoke of the acquainted - say our classmates, neighbors, cousins et cetera, et cetera; what they did or what they are doing, where they are. I spoke of one chap who was placed in a reputed company and was offered a handsome package as handsome he was. I noticed her countenance: her eyes popping out, saying, “How nice if I marry him!!" I was stuck in awe.

I also met one of my good friends. As we conversed, we spoke of food, gadgets, so on... At some point of conversation, told my friend that an acquainted of mine; though not a close friend joined one of the best companies in the world and offered a high package. She exclaimed, "Antavaranna patayisi madhuve aagbeku!"(Should butter them and marry!). I wondered if both my friends were crazy. Let’s see if whom they find themselves -- The ever-elusive pot of gold :)


  1. hehe!
    patasyathaara :P
    Wish ur frenz gud luck frm mah side ;)

    peace & love

  2. @Rajeev, Welcome onboard! I'll wish them on your behalf ;)


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