A matter of trust.

You might not understand this post if the people you whom you say “close buddies” would have ignored or backstabbed you.

I have a question which I decided to ask finally: “Why do friends betray you?” Most of us or all of us might have undergone such a situation. I wonder the people whom we trust the most; know for years together; with whom we had laughed together, cried together; those memorable moments; teasing each other; sharing lunch boxes, etc. I have been trying to know why people backstab. What’s the reason behind such an act? I found these reasons to be valid:
>> “Jealousy”, some people can’t stand if we are successful.
Yes, they really can’t bear someone who is much progressed in life.

>> “Be ahead”, some people just make use of you to achieve something.
Once they’re done; they no longer need you. You are no more their friend.

Well, it really hurts to the core when we discover whom we consider “Trustworthy” have done such a thing against us.

I discussed the same with two of my friends –“why do people betray?” I found their answers to be valid.
Friend 1: “When a person whom you consider to be friend ignores you then they don’t deserve your friendship either.”

Friend 2: “Only close friends hurt a lot (It’s very true). Don’t let anyone to be close to you. Make everyone your friend but NOT a close friend.”

I agree with both my friends.

I have learnt that:
-There are two phases just like the elements of the periodic table (In chemistry). Some metals are active to some acids and some are passive. In the same way, good friends or true friends will support you till the end. The bad ones will leave.

-If they do this then they weren't really your friend to begin with and you're better off without them.

-Find some new friends, people like that aren't worth your time or energy. Don't waste another minute being pissed off, remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. If you show them that this has major affect on you then they win. Don't let them win, be the bigger person and blow it off.

It reminds me one of the English movie, "Cast Away."


  1. http://vishwaroopadarshan.blogspot.com/2006/03/hey-whats-your-name.html

  2. @ Hari, People change as time goes on!

    @ Praths, Yup, right!

  3. i know you are hurt manasa. but hav u done this??? u hav written a blog abt betrayal, hav u spoken to ur betryed frnds as to why they did this??
    who knows..as humans they would hav committed mistakes, they may not know ur worth...if u go and tell them tht u did not like the way they behaved, few may understand u,
    if they r stubborn, atleast tell them not to behave like this to anyone else hereafter

  4. Ah...this touches a raw nerve...
    NEVER, never be too close to people...and NEVER, never let anyone be too close to you either!

    Nice work.

    And that guy had no business copying this post!!!!!!!!!


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