My new gadget

Yes. Its exactly been 9 days that I have got my new gadget: Canon S3 IS, a professional camera with 6 megapixel; 12x optical zoom and many operating modes along with a leather bag and 1 GB Memory card free :) I am delighted. I had been waiting for it since December. Well, we have to wait for the good stuffs we owe :) "Everything comes to him who waits ;-)" Me, waiting for such long duration wasn't in vain.

I've been shooting with this camera all that I find including small things I own: pen, handwriting, key chains, idols, watches etc etc. I shall post them here soon :)


  1. Gr8..u got a may be u can post a few pics of urself as well..[:d]

  2. @ Kaps, I bought a camera to explore the world and capture; not to post my own pic :P


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