A trip to Kodagu, Markera

It had been a long time I had stepped out of the so called "Garden City" which is now over-polluted(may be a wrong vocabulary) . I was jaded due to the same old routine. Few of my friends during 4 years of engineering who were also glum decided to go on a holiday to a hill-station. One of my friend gave us option of three places:
  1. Munnar, Waynad
  2. Ooty, Kodaikanal
  3. Kodagu, Marcera
  4. Goa
Most of us preferred to visit Coorg(Kodagu) since the place was in Karnataka and was given first preference :)

We didn't know whom to contact regarding the accommodation and places to visit there. Thankfully, one of my friend's mother's friend arranged for the accommodation, food and vehicle. I could say she was amicable, generous and benevolent.

A trip which we had planned to Waynad and Munnar during our 6th semester of engineering was in vain since most of them denied. Only seven of us could make it.

Journey begins:

We boarded Iravatha(Volvo bus) here at 11:30 pm on Friday, May 4th and reached Kushal Nagar at 4 am. We reached the Hotel and relaxed for sometime. The room had a TV :) We turned it on to listen some music. Three of my friends took the snaps. We chatted for a long time and some conversations were recorded. After that, we had a small nap.

At 9am, had breakfast and left to NisargaDhama. Here, there is entrance ticked(Rs 10) per head, ticket for boating and elephant riding. The entrance welcomed the visitors and we were delighted to cross the bridge. There's a small shop with all sorts of fancy stuffs which amuses the visitors who love arts. The shop has key chains, hats and various other stuffs. Later, we went for boating followed by elephant ride. There's a deer park and a shop which sells cucumbers to be fed to the deers. We climbed the huge ladder to reach a small house( don’t know the exact name) which was resting on the long bamboos on the top, it was fun since we heard a roaring sound and stuck in dilemma to stay there or get down. The whole incident was fun filled :) After that, went to the river. Played in water. No one was willing to come out of it, actually. Aah, yes. If there's a flowing water nearby; who on earth wouldn't like to step in it :) That's the reason why most people visit artificially made water-parks ;-)

After that, went to Dubare Forest Area. Here, we went only for boating and since we had already had Elephant ride at Nisargadhaama.

All of us were hungry roving for a long time. After lunch, had a small nap, dressed up and then left to Buddist temple. This temple is awesome and worth watch. There are quite a many shops which belongs to the Tibetians. I bought a Japanese fan and a cycle made of bamboo; even wanted to buy Thousand Mantra’s: which they hold in hand and turn them.Usually in golden color with a wooden/metal stick for holding. Didn’t buy it due to cost constraint( Rs 450!!! :O )

Buddist Thousand Mantra

Later, we went to friend's mom’s friend's place: the generous lady who had done so much for us; for tea and snacks.

Around 7pm, we reached Veera Bhoomi, a resort. Some kannada program went on.

At 8pm, we moved from that place to have dinner outside and reached room at 9:15pm

On May 6th, Sunday morning, checked out the room at 8am with all our baggage to TalaCauvery. Its 80km from Kushal Nagar. BhagaMandala is on the way to Tala Cauvery. Talacauvery and Bhagamandala that lie in the lap of the Brahmagiri Mountain. At BhagaMandala, we saw Shiva Temple and Sangam of 3 rivers: Cauvery, Kannike and Sujyoti meet, earning it the name, Triveni Sangam. There are three temples above the confluence of the rivers dedicated to Subramanya, Vishnu and Bhagamandaleswara, a Shaivite shrine named after Sage Bhagyananda, who installed a linga here. To the north of Bhagamandala, you can trek to Sampaje Valley, which has dense forests, bamboo clumps and steep gorges.

Later we set our Journey to Tala Cauvery(literally, the head of Cauvery), just 7 km away, situated at 1,276m on the slopes of Brahmagiri Hill, which is the birthplace of the sacred river. The road to Tala Cauvery was being tarred we reached Tala Cauvery; major construction is going on there. Saw the place where Cauvery originates but no one was allowed near to it due to the construction. The place is marked by a kundike (pot) and from here the river emerges as a small perennial spring. Legend has it that the Goddess Cauvery makes her appearance in the form of a gushing spring once a year during Tulamasa, when thousands gather to take a sacred dip. On Tula Sankramana (usually falls on October 16 every year), as the sun enters Libra, water gushes out from the kundike at a moment predicted by the priests.

We climbed some 300-400 stone steps and reached the hill top: BRAHMAGIRI peak, where the seven great sages (sapta maharishi) had performed a special yagna. The peak offers excellent views of Kudremukh, Chamundi Hills, Brahmagiri, Wayanad and the misty blue Nilgiris. This place is breath taking and one can never forget such a view of the mountains covered with clouds. Felt I was on top the world. In case if take a step down or slip, no wonder we’ll reach the top forever and never come back :)

As we came down, 2 persons were selling Coorg Honey and Coffee Powder in a mobile van. I bought 1 KG honey for Rs 125 and 0.5 KG Coffee Powder for Rs 70. Worth isn't it?

At 2pm, had lunch at East End Hotel, Marcera. Its embarrassing for a vegetarian who has ordered a vegetarian food and while having the food, you a small piece of "bone" and the waiter argues saying that its not a bone but a veg food which was not cooked well. Duh??? We decided to have only curd rice wherever we travel from now on!

After lunch, we reached Abbi falls at 4:15pm. They don’t allow people to go down the water these days :(

At 6pm, visited Raja seat and then Omkareshwara temple.

On the way, bought some spices: pepper, cardamom etc.

At 7pm, halted at IB(inspection Bunglow i.e. Govt guest house). All of us had a nice time ;-) lasting memories (recorded them). At 9pm had dinner. At 11:30 boarded the Volvo bus and reached here at 4:30am on .

We couldn't visit Harangi Dam as it is closed: water over-flowing due to rains.

I shall be uploading the snaps as soon as I get them :)


  1. it is not Iravatha......

  2. @ Ayan, Finally someone read this post. Sorry, typo!

  3. thanx for the info, I am heading towards Coorg this Weekend. Your Blog will definetly guide us.

    Keep it up.

  4. @ Ravi, Enjoy your weekend @ Coorg. Hope this info serves useful to you!

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  6. this is worth reading.. i was fully involved as i wen thru yo every line of description. good job..


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