During my school days, whenever I gazed at a rupee note(well, Rs 1, Rs 2 notes were very much in circulation at that time) always wished I could write my name in all the fourteen languages which were printed on all the Rupee notes.

I always had a keen interest in learning other languages. Though my mother tongue being Kannada with few Marathi words, my mother born and brought up in Andhra and her mother tongue being Kannada and with Marathi words; hence I learnt Telugu without much effort at a young age. My parents lived in Tamil Nadu for 3 years and my mother had fluent in Tamil ang my dad had learnt Tamil and Telugu during his chilhood from his friends. I've also picked up few words from the other languages :)

Few months back, I had logged into orkut. I was truly amazed to see most of them had updated their names and had scrapped in the local tongue. When I questioned one of my friends how he had updated it, he scrapped me a link which led me to the homepage of BARAHA fonts. I installed Baraha and was able to type in my mother tongue and many other languages which I notice on the Indian Currency note.
ಮಾನಸ Kannada
మానస Telugu
मानस Marathi
மானச Tamil
માનસ Gujarati
ਮਾਨਸ Punjabi
मानस Hindi
मानस Sanskrit
Well, I wonder everything I typed in Bangla, Oriya and Malayalam appeared like this മാനസ

Finally, the wish is fulfilled :)


I was lost listening to this video song by Alsam and Shibani which I found after years together on Youtube :)

I am sure that you are lost, now :D

And was found:
searching for the audio song which I didn't find :(
If you find, do let me know :)

Can I be your friend?

I was scrapping one of my friend on orkut and a person had scrapped before me. Found it interesting: The way guys try to add girls on orkut ;-)

This is an extract from my friend's scrapbook:
If I say "hi", u may say whoz this?
If I ask for chat, u may say why??
If I ask u for a coffee, u may say what rubbish?
If I say I liked ur profile, u may say am flattering u!
If I ask for friendship, u may say am flirting!
so can u plz suggest me how to start with a new relation.........????
Till u reply I am trying with a request... :)


Today, June 21st is World Music Day. Music plays an important role in everyone's life. Well, who on earth would hate music?Most of us sing as a hobby; mostly commonly called Bathroom singers and some are professionals who have learnt for instruments/singing for years together with dedication and determination. I bow down to all those great singers.

When we wake up early morning listen to Suprabhatam. Homemakers listen to Radio City or the other Radio Stations during the peak hours. While travelling in the bus, most of us listen to songs: earplug in the ears is common or rather say cell phone serves more like a radio than a the purpose it was invented for :) In fact, we find most people with an mp3 player and some rich people with iPods ;-) The best music one has ever heard would be: Rhapsody of water, chirpping of birds :)

Some of my favourite songs to which I can listen without getting bugged:

Yaara sili sili(Lekin)
Ae zindagi gale laga le(Sadma)
Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si
Hume tumse pyar kitna

Naguva nayana
Joteyali jothejotheyali
Mungaaru MaLe

Nuvvu nuvvu
All songs of Shankarabharanam

Chinna chinna aasai(Roja)

Nothing change my love for you.

Some sites where you can download songs: (for regional languages)

You can listen to them online, here:

When I am alone, I read a novel listening to RD Burman's song sipping a hot cup of coffee. That envied you, I know!

A trip to Coorg, Madikeri - II

In the last post, I hadn't uploaded the photos of the breathtaking place since none of my friends had forwarded them. I got them yesterday :)

Some of the pics, go here!

Baggage. Get, set, go!

At Nisargadhama
Welcome sign


Japanese Doll :)

Look at the dried tree in between Greenery :)

Reflection :)



Elephant ride :D


Neele neele ambar par, chand jab chaaye....

Deers :)

Flowing water!

Tree :)

Sand and pebbles.
The below snaps taken at the Buddist Monastery

The below two pics taken at BhagaMandala

Above: On the way to Talacauvery

Pics below: Brahmagiri

Above: TalaCauvery :)

Below: View of Talacauvery from Brahmagiri
Below: Lord Shiva at Talacauvery

Below: Abbi falls :)))


I have 500+ photos and few videos.

You must be envious seeing the pics for sure, now :D
If so, time for you to take a break and visit Coorg :)

Yet another special day!

Today is yet another day in my special day in my life, I turn an year older. I had been longing how many of my good friends would recollect this day and wish me. Ah, yes. I wish to know how good people memory is, in this regard! Hence, I had disabled the birthday alert on orkut ;-)

Not only this day happens to be day I entered this world, it also happens to be "World Environment Day." Though, born and brought up in the Garden City; I hardly see any greenery around :( Pollution all around. Find more details here and register yourself.

Save the Earth
Coming back to the topic, at 12 am, one of my childhood friend since standard 1 sms'd conveying his wishes. Later on followed by some more smses, phone calls, emails on official id and personal id, e-greeting cards, orkut scraps and face-to-face greetings with huge smiles.

I know how I picked up this wierd habit of counting the number of people who wished me through emails, phone calls, orkut scraps. At the end of the day, I counted them all.
Total no of
    1. sms - 10
    2. calls received on my cell - 05
    3. calls received on my extn - 04
    4. calls on my landline - 02
    5. e-greetings - 05
    6. e-mails - 03
    7. on messenger - 02
    8. orkut scraps - 04
    9. face-to-face - 08
One mail which my friend has sent. And I like it:
It was a great day, I must say. So many acquainted wishing me great joy, good health and success without any sort of reminder :)