Can I be your friend?

I was scrapping one of my friend on orkut and a person had scrapped before me. Found it interesting: The way guys try to add girls on orkut ;-)

This is an extract from my friend's scrapbook:
If I say "hi", u may say whoz this?
If I ask for chat, u may say why??
If I ask u for a coffee, u may say what rubbish?
If I say I liked ur profile, u may say am flattering u!
If I ask for friendship, u may say am flirting!
so can u plz suggest me how to start with a new relation.........????
Till u reply I am trying with a request... :)


  1. Hmm... so now there is at least one female who will respond to such requests!

  2. people find different ways to make frndship
    but alwys their frnd should be pretty, cute, and beautiful
    as the orkut murphy's law says

    pretty gals and ugly guys dont post pics in orkut

  3. @ Sudipta, Definitely not!

    @ Vikrem, People find many ways to be friends. I always find that guys add gals :)


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