During my school days, whenever I gazed at a rupee note(well, Rs 1, Rs 2 notes were very much in circulation at that time) always wished I could write my name in all the fourteen languages which were printed on all the Rupee notes.

I always had a keen interest in learning other languages. Though my mother tongue being Kannada with few Marathi words, my mother born and brought up in Andhra and her mother tongue being Kannada and with Marathi words; hence I learnt Telugu without much effort at a young age. My parents lived in Tamil Nadu for 3 years and my mother had fluent in Tamil ang my dad had learnt Tamil and Telugu during his chilhood from his friends. I've also picked up few words from the other languages :)

Few months back, I had logged into orkut. I was truly amazed to see most of them had updated their names and had scrapped in the local tongue. When I questioned one of my friends how he had updated it, he scrapped me a link which led me to the homepage of BARAHA fonts. I installed Baraha and was able to type in my mother tongue and many other languages which I notice on the Indian Currency note.
ಮಾನಸ Kannada
మానస Telugu
मानस Marathi
மானச Tamil
માનસ Gujarati
ਮਾਨਸ Punjabi
मानस Hindi
मानस Sanskrit
Well, I wonder everything I typed in Bangla, Oriya and Malayalam appeared like this മാനസ

Finally, the wish is fulfilled :)

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