A trip to Coorg, Madikeri - II

In the last post, I hadn't uploaded the photos of the breathtaking place since none of my friends had forwarded them. I got them yesterday :)

Some of the pics, go here!

Baggage. Get, set, go!

At Nisargadhama
Welcome sign


Japanese Doll :)

Look at the dried tree in between Greenery :)

Reflection :)



Elephant ride :D


Neele neele ambar par, chand jab chaaye....

Deers :)

Flowing water!

Tree :)

Sand and pebbles.
The below snaps taken at the Buddist Monastery

The below two pics taken at BhagaMandala

Above: On the way to Talacauvery

Pics below: Brahmagiri

Above: TalaCauvery :)

Below: View of Talacauvery from Brahmagiri
Below: Lord Shiva at Talacauvery

Below: Abbi falls :)))


I have 500+ photos and few videos.

You must be envious seeing the pics for sure, now :D
If so, time for you to take a break and visit Coorg :)


  1. shtud shtud pictures.. loved it. reminded of my trip several years ago to coorg and all. talakaveri is such a divine place!!

    good work!

  2. @ Hari, Thanks :)
    Talakaveri, indeed a divine place!

  3. Awesome pics, really! You had a great time it seems.

  4. the pics prove tht u had a gr8 time, life long memories
    i like the "refelction" pic
    its taken well

  5. @ Sudipta, Yes da, we had a great fun. It was like being in college again :)

    @ Vikrem, Thank you. I loved all the pics taken there. Lasting memories with college friends :)

  6. you really chosen best place to visit, i really like this place with many waterfalls, rain forests, temples, rivers, pilgrimage sites. anyway this is the nice hill station, this is the best place for trekking also, you can see the perfect nature while you trekking.


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