Yet another special day!

Today is yet another day in my special day in my life, I turn an year older. I had been longing how many of my good friends would recollect this day and wish me. Ah, yes. I wish to know how good people memory is, in this regard! Hence, I had disabled the birthday alert on orkut ;-)

Not only this day happens to be day I entered this world, it also happens to be "World Environment Day." Though, born and brought up in the Garden City; I hardly see any greenery around :( Pollution all around. Find more details here and register yourself.

Save the Earth
Coming back to the topic, at 12 am, one of my childhood friend since standard 1 sms'd conveying his wishes. Later on followed by some more smses, phone calls, emails on official id and personal id, e-greeting cards, orkut scraps and face-to-face greetings with huge smiles.

I know how I picked up this wierd habit of counting the number of people who wished me through emails, phone calls, orkut scraps. At the end of the day, I counted them all.
Total no of
    1. sms - 10
    2. calls received on my cell - 05
    3. calls received on my extn - 04
    4. calls on my landline - 02
    5. e-greetings - 05
    6. e-mails - 03
    7. on messenger - 02
    8. orkut scraps - 04
    9. face-to-face - 08
One mail which my friend has sent. And I like it:
It was a great day, I must say. So many acquainted wishing me great joy, good health and success without any sort of reminder :)


  1. Hey Happy Birthday!!!! Have a great time...well birthdays are always special days for all of us...enjoy your special day!!!!

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