Add, Sub, Multiply, Divide

Those who love Mathematics will like this video. It reminds of primary school days when we tried hard to memorize the Multiplication Table till 20 X 20. That was the time when we counted numbers by our tiny fingers :) As we reached the PU level, learn t Trigonometry: which deals with the properties of triangle. Sometimes, I wonder how the scientists could derive such equations.

During the last four semesters of engineering, I missed this favorite subject of mine :( The whole of computer networking(eg: Ad Hoc networks) are all based on Graph Theory in which we learnt the concept of Nodes, Trees(Data Structures), Hamilton path, minimum spanning tree, Seven Bridges of Konigsberg, Shortest path problem, Traveling Salesman problem, toset, poset(yes, I still remember them :) As you advance Discrete Mathematics there's Concrete Mathematics :)
The whole of Finite Automata(compiler design) is based on discrete mathematics. Applied mathematics: never understood to the core and never gave a try. :)

A popular saying: "Mathematicians can be good engineers, but an engineer cannot be a good mathematician."


  1. looked like magic at first sight! now i realise its just animated multiplication [:D]

  2. @ Sameer, Nope. Not an animated one!


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