Bikhre Bimb - Destroyed Images

I’ve been receiving many mails about the schedule of a Hindi play “Bikhre Bimb” by Girish Karnad @ Ranga Shankara, almost every month. I watched this play way back in Nov 2006. Play stars Arundhati Nag alone. It was the first time I got the chance and stepped into the auditorium. I had tried for the tickets twice and was only told that “Tickets sold out” for the previous plays by other productions. This time, luck on my side, bought 8 tickets a couple of days before :)

The play kicks of with Arundhati Nag alone throughout, a lecturer, on a TV interview explaining as about her published book which is a major hit, sold out well and brought her success and fame – an award. When the interview concludes, she is leaving the stage her inner soul yells and thus, the story begins. Her inner soul puts forth the questions and then she reveals the truth about the book being a hit. The story of “her” book had been flipped by her. The actual story was written by her younger unmarried sister who was paralyzed – unable to move and always stayed in her room. Being a lecturer, the lady is back home only at twilight and hadn’t achieved much in life except her husband, a software engineer - who now spends most of his time at home(Work from home), had fallen in love with her, long time ago. As time passes, she turns out to be career oriented. She has been jealous of her younger sibling since her parents had always loved her younger sister than her and more beautiful than her. When her parents die, her sister starts residing at her home, in a small room. Being paralyzed, she confines her world to the room. Her brother-in-law always was in good terms to her. He had never made her feel alone and they would speak several things. One fine evening, when the elder sister comes home after the college, she hears both of them laughing over a joke. As soon as her husband notices her home, he walks out of her room without a word. She feels suspicious that her husband pays more attention to her younger sister - knows her likes, dislikes etc and their marriage is almost broken.

One day, after her death, the elder sister searches her room and finds an interesting story written by her younger sister. The last page had s signature “M. Naik”. Since both their names begin with M, she takes it for granted that no one can ever figure out who the author was! Without her husband’s knowledge, she contacts the publisher and the deal is done. A few documents from the publisher read by him in the kitchen without her knowledge. He stands speechless. Angered over him, she yells that there is nothing wrong in doing so. After that, he leaves to US and had never tried to contact her. She gets the story published under her name which turns out to be a major hit and wins an award. He doesn’t turn up for the award function. This hurts her. The story written by her sister was about the three people: herself, elder sister and sister’s husband. Younger sister describes the elder one to be the cruel one who had always been jealous of her, who never understood her feelings, never tried to be humane.

At the end of the play, the elder sister is guilty and recalls that when her husband saw the documents she should have confessed and stopped him. Now, it’s too late.

Overall, the play is worth watch.


  1. Nice storyline. I remember this popular picture of a little boy crying which hung in many homes. Apparently the painter confessed much later that he hadn't drawn it and it was drawn by his elder brother just before he left their home and went to the second world war. This elder brother had never returned.

  2. plagiarism is something that is so common in the world. it is no less than theft or robbery.. people never realise it.

    dunno why its called bikhre bimb though.. i mean apart from the obvious connection, i couldnt find a deeper meaning to the title.

    good stuff.

  3. @ Sudipta, Several stories exist with this theme. I never knew about this potrait.

    @ Hari, Thanks for suggesting the exact translation for "Bikhre Bimb" :) Destroyed images come into picture when one is guilty and cannot face the reality. Yes, Plagarism is too common.


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