Few months back, I was in a dilemma to chose an mp3 player or a cell phone which also serves as an mp3 player. Since my phone was in a good condition I decided to retain my phone and bought an mp3 player. I wasn not able to chose an mp3 player due to the several brands and their features. Most suggested me: iPod, Creative, M-Robe, Sandisk, iRiver and Transcend. I searched on amazon and read several reviews about the mp3 players and was more confused which one to opt for!

If you watch the videos below, I am sure you will be in dilemma ;-)
Sansa 4GB
Olympus m-robe

iRiver S10

iRiver Clix

Finally, the iWars: Amazing video

What did I finally buy?
I bought Transcend 1GB mp3 player :)
"Necessity is the mother of invention." I could've opt for iPod or Creative but I knew my needs and bought a simple player.


  1. shame pinch! i bought a transcend too. value for money i must say. good battery life too. smart choice!

  2. @ Sameer, ouch.. True, it has a good battery life and user friendly also :)


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