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During my school days, a Sanskrit teacher had taught us --- There are three categories of people:

  1. Those who know that the task is difficult but NOT impossible, they accept the challenge and accomplish it. They are go-getters.
  2. This category of people accept the challenge and leave it mid-way due to difficulty.
  3. This category of people do not accept the task knowing that its difficult.

I'm motivated reading the books, "The Monk who sold his ferrari" and "The Alchemist". Sometimes, I feel if our decisions are firm and we stick to our decisions: even the destiny cannot stop us :) Yes, its true. Many a times, we feel that inspite of hardships we are not gaining what we wish; but there exists some strong force which drives us to achieve our goals - No matter even if its late.

Always concrete on what you want - let come what may! Hope and dream always make a person live better, we always hope for the best and sometimes compromise. Learn from each experience you have had. Live your present - no regrets of your past or future. Never give up!

Those who know others are wise; those who know others are enlightened :)

There have been many times that I've seeked advices of acquaintances. And I'm thankful to them for their guidance in a RIGHT path without whom I could've possibly not achieved :)

Remember, "The purpose of life is a life of purpose."

I found the "Alchemist." Have you?

"Self mastery is the DNA of life-mastery."


  1. Somehow I detest reading motivational books. Among the books I hate the most, Alchemist is up there! [:(]

  2. A very thoughtful post nonetheless. Wah wah!

  3. The next logical thing to read is "Who moved my cheese" ;) Have fun.

  4. @ Sameer, If not Alchemist, The monk who sold his ferrari is a worth read :) And thanks!

    @ Priyank, Welcome onboard. Good to you see after a long time.

    Seems that you've been much motivated reading the book you mentioned :D Planning to read that e-book this weekend :)

  5. i hav read both the books and felt it was really good,
    people hate reading motivational books especially when u going thru testing times.

  6. @ Vikrem, Yeah, they motivate to a great extent :) Some people don't want to face the reality.


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