Travel - traffic zone

Most of us travel by bus daily. And these days, it takes minimum an hour or more to reach the destination during the peak hours. The traffic is pathetic, no matter how you commute. The most common question:
What to do while traveling in the bus for long duration?
  1. Radio
  2. Novel
  3. Dose off
  4. Read newspaper
  5. Chanting mantras
  6. Watch movies on iPod(if you have iPod)
  7. Playing crossword/sudoku
  8. Play chess/other games on your phone
  9. Talk to your neighbor (if acquainted)
  10. Peeping through the window (if you’ve occupied window seat)
  11. sms Vasanthi-"The traffice updates" ;)
Talking over the phone for “long duration” is bad, sometimes annoys others next to you.

What do you do while traveling in the bus? I’m sure you must have tried some of the above options :)


  1. Radio : Mp3 songs actually.
    Dose off : If I am too tired/hungry.
    Peeping through window : Always!

  2. @ Sameer, Good to know you've tried 3/11 options ;)

  3. i carry MP3 player and a novel, if i get a place to sit, i read novel, if i am standing, i listen to music...sometime its fun watching good looking gals as well!
    greatest time pass
    plz add tht as ur 12th option of spending time while travelling

  4. @ Vikrem, Ah, yes. Point to be noted. It applies only for guys not for gals :P

  5. excuse me MANASA, so u mean to say gals never see guys??
    its proven tht females blink their eyelids twice the amt more than males
    and its also proved tht gals never voice their views on these kind of matter
    so it jus seems like gals r not interested all in seeing....well they do see!

    bcoz nowdays....i giv a stare to the gal who stares me!

  6. @ Vikrem, Gals stare at ya in response to you looking at them :P It doesn't mean they are actually staring at you :)

  7. Manasa,Vikram,

    It's very difficult to understand what a Girl thinks when she is looking(staring) at a Guy.

    Sometimes I do find some girls staring at me but I fail to understand what their eyes wanna convey(if any).Do they mean:-
    1.I guess I have seen this guy somewhere.....
    2.I daily see him at the local station,what he is upto in life?
    3.Nothing specific,just like that...



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