What’s your lunch today?

It was 12:20 noon on Friday, as usual I added my lunch mates to join the conversation and decide when to leave for lunch. It had been a fortnight I had been taking lunch from the food court. One of my friends called me for the lunch; with wallet in my hand I left with her.

Four of us were conversing about the various topics the mid-way and thus we reached the food court. While in the queue to buy the coupon, all of a sudden I was reminded that I had got lunch from home and left it at my cube :( When I explained this to my friend who was along with me in the queue; it sounded very funny to her. When the same was told to other two friends, one of them was supportive and already knew why I had forgotten to leave it in my cube: since I hadn’t got Tupperware past a fortnight. Thank god, the other two didn’t giggle :)

When I reached home, I explained my mom the whole incident. She asked if I intended to throw the food. I knew the pain she had taken in the morning preparing food for me. During dinner, I had my lunch: curd rice with pickle and payasa, along with other recipes. That made my mom happy :)


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