1 year of corporate life

I completed an year in the IT industry: A journey from a fresher to a lateral. July 31st 2006-07: This day, an year back July 31st 2006 I had stepped into the company with the offer letter which I had longed for. It was day, attending induction from the various units(dept), giving self-introduction to the new faces from different parts of the country with lots of dreams. The first two days of induction: we had signed too many forms, truly don't remember how many we signed on :) This was the day when we got a salary account with NIL balance(since it was the first day :) and got a swipe card which had to be hung around our neck even if we dislike. Induction was followed by the world class training sessions. I could say it was 9th semester of engineering :D working on our assignments by EOD. Training was the best :)

At the end of the training, most were asked to go to different places based on the requirement. This year, we decided to celebrate on the completion of 1 year here. Few of them came up with the idea of a batch photo followed by cake cutting and distribution of coffee mugs along with eveyone's signature on it.
Well, apart from this I can say that I've learnt a lot in this journey: meeting different sort of people with various places, the way process goes on etc. Why people crib? Why some people quit and fly to US for higher studies. Why some people slog preparing for CAT even after realising that there's much more slogging after they get into IIMs. I shall answer all these later. For the time being, I shall stop here.


  1. some ppl are jus never contended with wht they have. hence the fight.


  2. @ Sameer, Its frustration, not the contenment. The type of work in service industries or maintainence process aren't challenging. That's why!

  3. Oh like I told you... that signed cup idea was cool!

    Happy anniversary! (Trying to make it sound as bad like a bad marriage as possible!!) :P

  4. @ Sudipta, Thanks :D
    Hehe, now i understood why you opt for MS


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