Don't mess with me!

Here I am, in the food court having my breakfast alone in the mornings. A friend of mine sees me and with a broad smile asks: "Don't you get bored eating alone?" I said,"Why should I? I love spending time on myself. Got it?"

A friend of mine-"Why don't you buy a laptop?"
"Why? For what should I go for it?"
"Since you are earning, its affordable! Sell off your desktop."
(Annoyed)"My PC is in a good condition. Moreover, it serves my purpose. Just because I earn, I can't invest a huge amount on dumb advices."

This incident happened several weeks ago when I was on my way to a friend's house. The lady who stays in neighborhood, with a wicked smile interrupted me-"Enamma channagi dress maadkondu ello hort haag ide"(Hey there, dressed well-where are you headed to?) I was annoyed by such interrogation. Wondered what on earth made her ask this. Instead of minding her work, she was more enthusiastic to keep a record of others routine. I was getting late and replied with a plastic smile-"prati sala naanu elli hodru keLthiralla :| "(Whenever I step out of my house, you are keen to know where I am going) That was the last time she questioned me. Whew, now I'm freed from explanations to others.

The other day, while talking to my friend regarding onsite opportunities. He said,"Why do you gals need to go onsite alone?" It annoyed me-"Guys can digest the fact when gals race them in several aspect!" What was bothering him if gals go onsite?

There are several things which shouldn't be asked neither answered. Some people intend to ask such several annoying questions-can't judge if its out of their stupidity or intentionally want to hurt you!


  1. didnt u feel like slapping the 'onsite' guy?

  2. @ Sameer, He wasn't onsite. I was talking to him over the phone.

  3. Very good replies... and to both these questions! :)

  4. wow.... i didnt know u can be so rude at time :P :P :P

  5. @Sudipta, Thanks!

    Shachi, The reply was precise! The other side of me :D


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