Rain, rain, go away!

I am back to blogging after a long time. Those who have been reading this blog regularly may wonder where this blogger has been all these days! There are quite a many reasons why I couldn't publish inspite of many thoughts.

Lack of internet. BSNL Broadband connection seems to be pathetic during rains. Its been a month and half that I've not been able to access the internet.

After a couple of weeks, my PC at home isn't starting at all :( I hear the fan running. I infer that there isn't any power supply to the motherboard and must be serviced.

These days, the traffic is so pathetic that it takes an hour and half to cover a distance of 2kms :(
Pathetic water pool on the road @ Hosur Road due to rains. Look at the guy (extreme right) washing his bike :D

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