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Huge Key of a 60 year old house; the house where we stayed during a visit to Madurai :)

City of Temples

Have you ever been to a city where you find an idol of Hindu god/goddess in every nook and corner of the city? Where you find atleast 2-3 temples a lane? If not, visit the City of Temples: Madurai, known for the famous Meenakshi Temple.

Gopuram at Meenakshi Temple.
Pond at the temple.

Top of Gopuram
I could just visit only three temples: Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madana Gopala Temple and Perumal Temple. The story of Goddess Meenakshi and her husband Sundareswaran's wedding is depicted through the carvings on the walls of the temple. You may find Lord Ganesha's idol or carving in every corner of the temple.
The following day we set ahead to Rameswaram well known for Setu Bridge. The temple here also shares a story: Lord Rama had to worship Lord Shiva's idol for the forgiveness of sin by killing a human. Lord Hanuman leaves in search of Lord Shiva's idol. By the time Hanuman arrives, Sita is done with Shiva's idol with sand. Angry over this, Hanuman pulls it. Rama Promises that the idol brought by Hanuman is always worshipped first. The idol made by Sita is called Spatika Linga.
Sands at the beach
Also said that there is a sangam of 2 seas.

LightHouse from Rama Temple.
On the way from DhanushKodi.
Other places to see at Rameswaram are Dhanushkodi, Ramarpadam, Floating Stones, Rama Theertham, Lakshmana Theertham, Sita Theertham, Agni Theertham. Bridge is no longer visible.

One disadvantage is that we don't find any boards in Hindi or English. If you are well versed in Tamil, you can enjoy a lot. By the end of your journey or yaatra, one becomes familar with the words-thambi(brother) and amman koyil(Goddess Temple) :)

Chitrakala Parishat

I was here at Chitrakala Parishat(CKP), a well known institute for fine arts, on 8th Sep to watch the photography exhibition by Wideangle though an open invitation :)

Apart from the photography, I also got an opportunity to meet some of the artists who are the proud students of CKP. The paintings by CKP students were outstanding. The paintings or the portraits convey their true meaning. I shall not speak much; go this weekend and relish the true essence.

The CKP campus is well maintained. My attention was caught by some of the creative work made out of the scrap; which anyone would appreciate :)

A bird made from old 2 wheeler.
Above: Drunk? :D

Above: Relax?
Creativity or intelligence doesn't reflect only in the code optimization. Neither it lies in the latest cutting-edge technology which we run after. For all those who slogged or still slogging with the coding, debugging-Don't we realise they are many better career options to explore than watching a monitor without a blink and clicking the mouse a thousand hits?

Journey of blogging two years

I'm back after a long time. I complete two years of blogging :) The first few posts I've written may be defined as a perfect definition of crap. Don't ever try to read them ;-) The second post received good response, though. Initially, I never had a thought--what to scribble. As and when thoughts flashed, I would pen down! It improved my vocabulary also. I read blogs by others and commented; received the same response from them, too.

This space of mine, commonly addressed a "Blog", where I express my thoughts, my sadness etc etc has turned out to be an open diary!

In this journey of blogging, I have met some of the gems. The people who gave genuine comments on my write up. And yes, "Jooti taareef barbaad kardeti hain"(False opinions/guidance ruin the future)...Sometimes, naah! Many-a-times, I pester few of my friends who relish this blog, to suggest on the write up before I pulish here. Thanks to them for what I am here :)