Chitrakala Parishat

I was here at Chitrakala Parishat(CKP), a well known institute for fine arts, on 8th Sep to watch the photography exhibition by Wideangle though an open invitation :)

Apart from the photography, I also got an opportunity to meet some of the artists who are the proud students of CKP. The paintings by CKP students were outstanding. The paintings or the portraits convey their true meaning. I shall not speak much; go this weekend and relish the true essence.

The CKP campus is well maintained. My attention was caught by some of the creative work made out of the scrap; which anyone would appreciate :)

A bird made from old 2 wheeler.
Above: Drunk? :D

Above: Relax?
Creativity or intelligence doesn't reflect only in the code optimization. Neither it lies in the latest cutting-edge technology which we run after. For all those who slogged or still slogging with the coding, debugging-Don't we realise they are many better career options to explore than watching a monitor without a blink and clicking the mouse a thousand hits?


  1. art cant be looked at as a career option. those who make a mark in art are those with an uinflinching passion for it. if dilettantes want a break from 'code optimization' and start looking at art as an alternate option, then god dave art!
    i am happy to stay away frm it and just appreciate it in its unadulterated form.

  2. the first photo is very similar to the girl i know. She works in infy :P !!

  3. good one there. I was a student at CKP many years back. and the best thing about CKP is that teachers dont teach you, they help draw forth from your creativity. thats what makes me love the place :)


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