Journey of blogging two years

I'm back after a long time. I complete two years of blogging :) The first few posts I've written may be defined as a perfect definition of crap. Don't ever try to read them ;-) The second post received good response, though. Initially, I never had a thought--what to scribble. As and when thoughts flashed, I would pen down! It improved my vocabulary also. I read blogs by others and commented; received the same response from them, too.

This space of mine, commonly addressed a "Blog", where I express my thoughts, my sadness etc etc has turned out to be an open diary!

In this journey of blogging, I have met some of the gems. The people who gave genuine comments on my write up. And yes, "Jooti taareef barbaad kardeti hain"(False opinions/guidance ruin the future)...Sometimes, naah! Many-a-times, I pester few of my friends who relish this blog, to suggest on the write up before I pulish here. Thanks to them for what I am here :)

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