Out of dilemma

This post has been lying in the bin for more than an year. Here I publish another conversation with a friend abroad, discussing which mobile phone to opt for.

Disclaimer: Published this post with the consent of my friend :D

Me: you there?
He: filling your "true color"
Me: means?:-s
He: from the blog
Me: didn’t get u da...
He: what’s your true color?
Me: blue :D
He: it is in your blog
He: I am filling it
Me: that’s what it told
Me: where?? Commenting is it?
He: no no
He: I am finding my true color
Me: ;))
He: again comment?
He: you dragged 7 of them to comment on your art :))
Me: hey, which cell phone you have? Nokia or Sony?
He: was seeing that as well
He: nokia
He: nokia 6280
He: yourself?
Me: I didn’t force anyone to comment
Me: 3220...
Me: am planning to buy a new one :D
He: wow
Me: but bit confused... sony or nokia....:-s
He: nokia
Me: y?
He: it’s got the best service centers
Me: ok..
He: and the battery is good
Me: ok.. Heard many saying sony is also good :)
He: well
He: I feel nokia is the best
Me: yeah.. Me too :)
Me: am confused as to which 1 to buy.. Cell with all features or iPod...
Me: I really get bugged up in the bus...
He: cell phone with mp3 player
Me: I checked out ipod, sony mp3 player and creative zen as well...
Me: I liked creative a lot... it has lots features than ipod and sony:)
He: ipod!
Me: but ipod isn’t having much features da...
He: really?
He: I dunno tht
He: I am away from ipods....
Me: any of your friends having ipod?
He: yes
He: few of my friends have it
Me: ok.. What do they say about it?
He: they say ipod is the best
He: it’s their best friend now
He: :))
Me: oh.. What abt creative zen???
Me: check out http://creative.com
Me: it’s truly good...
Me: check it now...
He: my roomy says ipod is the best
Me: oh.. ok.. what abt creative zen??
He: how is customer support for creative?
He: my roomy asking that
Me: donno:-s
Me: I checked out only on the net... so no idea abt it...
He: he feels ipod has best customer support
Me: oh... ok...
He: and its apple’s.
Me: what all can u store in that?
He: it’s like the leader in the mp3 players
He: video
Me: many say that we've store only in sum specific format it seems....
Me: is it so?
He: u see
He: iTunes can be converted
He: my friends have no problem
He: they use laptops, desktops
He: and ipods
Me: can I store ms-word, excel as well?
He: dunno
Me: is he having nano or 30gb?
Me: ask him once..
He: 30 GB
He: he is not here :D
He: he is an ipod freak
He: he had no problems
Me: when he comes u ask him n tell me..:)
He: u need to wait then
He: I will scrap him and ask
He: in orkut
He: :))
Me: okies... no probs... I need to buy a good one.. Matter of huge amt... thats y...
He: ok

Day 2:He: hey manasa
Me: hi :)
He: decided your gadget?
Me: nope.. Not yet :-s [confused smiley]
Me: heart says sony ericcson .. Mind says nokia... total confusion :(( [crying smiley]
Me: have dropped the idea of iPod
He: ohh
He: heart and mind matter
He: very confusing then
He: put inky pinky ponky
Me: yesterday went to doctor... wasn’t doing well...
He: ohhh
He: what happened?
He: u ill?
Me: asked him, is it good to listen to music with ear phone daily...
He: well, head phone is better than ear plugs
Me: he told by the time we're 34-35 yr old... our nerves would become weak...
He: hmmm
He: thanks for the info
Me: ;))
He: I hear in the morning daily
Me: had read an article on this long back... but we got to think of our future also right??
Me: he told if we listen for 3-4 min.. Its ok... but long duration Not Adviced...
He: and when waiting for trains
He: do you read novels to spend time?
Me: yup... I read novels...
He: hmm
Me: what about you?
He: I prefer novels in trains
Me: oh.. okay...
He: but sometimes I hate carrying novels due to the fear of losing them somewhere
He: instead ear plug with mobile is better
Me: I asked him about reading novels in bus... he told there will be too many jerks while traveling in bus and this strains eye also...
He: :-O
He: what the hell can we do then?
Me: see, we do so many things which affect our sense organs without our knowledge...
Me: hmmm
Me: in school, we were always taught to read under proper light...
He: listen we can go by dr's advice only to a certain extent :))
He: when I go with my friends I don’t want novels or ipod but alone for 30 to 40 minutes
Sometimes I keep sighting gals in trains. It’s a treat to senses :)) Not disturbance to
Me: ;))
Me: what else work do u guys have?? :O
He: true
He: got no other work
He: we are enjoying the beauty
Me: that’s better than ear phone right?
He: better than novels as well
Me: ;))
He: I hear to vishnu sahasrananam in the morning from my mobile
Me: gr8...
He: so I close my eyes in the train
Me: that’s better
He: not to be disturbed by a gal :))
Me: good boy ;;)
He: only in the morning
He: :))
He: until I finish hearing that
Me: hmmm….
He: then my hunting starts
He: u see we need correct balance
He: :))
Me: I sleep in the bus :D
He: I don’t do that
He: I feel I lose my freshness
Me: after I reach there I wash my face...:)
He: hmmm
He: again we need to wash our face, and then comb hair
He: etc etc
Me: yeah, right
He: I don’t do that
He: just go straight into my lab or class
He: or the work place
He: after combing in the morning, I never comb again
Me: hmmm….
He: we can’t expect that with gals
He: :))
He: they have a make-up set always
Me: that’s why guys always behind gals :P
He: may be
He: well for me. make-up is the turn on
He: jus a cheerful face
He: make-up is artificial
Me: yeah….true…
He: good looking is god's grace
He: but we need to look good, that’s in our hands
Me: :)
Me: I can blog abt our conversation right? ;)
Me: nice topic… it'll be...
He: hmmm….
He: what’s so nice?
He: this is jus a good conversation
He: not to blogging extent'
He: well
Me: ;))
He: u make ordinary things look good in your blog
Me: summa... teasing that’s it
Me: shall I blog, then?
He: no worries
Me: :) that’s the spirit dude...
He: but I cant comment :D
Me: why?
He: hmmm
He: I dunno… will leave an anonymous comment :D
He: well, your blog is very descriptive
He: that’s what I feel
Me: :">
Me: I make simple things very interesting is it?
He: u potray things well
He: we can imagine what really happened when we read the blog
He: actually I am like that
Me: I should have been a journalist :D
He: I say things like that to my frnds
He: true true
He: a born journalist
Me: :">
Me: u r making me fly high da :D
He: hmmm…
He: I always want people to be on earth
He: down to earth
Me: am always... no doubt... jus a few currencies in my wallet can nevva change me...
He: yeah yeah
He: u buzz often
He: yeah
He: thts gud
Me: did you check out Sony eric’s K790i? its awesome :)
He: it seems that’s a gr8 mobile with so good pixel camera
He: my nokia is 2 mega pixel
He: that itself is gr8
Me: hmmm...
He: then imagine 3.2 pixel
Me: http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=in&lc=en&ver=4000&template=pp1_loader&php=php1_10409&zone=pp&lm=pp1&pid=10409
Me: it has 3.2mp camera
He: hmmm
Me: how’s it?
He: u talking abt the phones rite
He: I can’t see walkmans here
Me: check ne phone which starts with W
He: w830i
Me: yup...
He: some server error here
Me: :((
He: Unfortunately, the server encountered an internal error and could not complete your request. Please check that you typed the address (URL) correctly.
Me: oki.. check out W550i its 10k
He: :))
Me: u liked it??:)
He: its good to look, but I could not see its features
He: what’s ur first preference?
Me: iPod :D
He: but u don’t want that now
Me: yeah... 8-
Me: :
Me: check this out..
He: hmmm…
Me: check out that phone..now
He: that page is opening slowly
Me: hmmm.. wot abt K790i???
He: Unfortunately, the server encountered an internal error and could not complete your request. Please check that you typed the address (URL) correctly.
He: =))
Me: :(
He: something wrong with server here
Me: ok..
He: I can’t help it
He: what’s ur budget?
Me: 15k..
He: for the fone?
Me: but is it worth spending so much???
He: if u think it’s a one time investment
He: the problem with mobiles is
He: u get the latest everyweek, and ur model gets cheaper
He: I would like u to go for a little old model where people already have it
Me: yeah... shall I buy N1100.. cheap n best :D
He: the latest model will have few problems which we never know
Me: yup.. that’s true..
He: go for that sony eric with 3.2 mp
He: I heard good reviews abt it
Me: 3.2 mp one?
He: s
Me: but its 18k now...
He: ohhh
He: I prefer mobiles less than 12 k
He: it’s too much beyond that
Me: yeah... that’s right
He: any mobile will look old after 2 yrs
He: :))
He: we have plans for 2 yrs here
Me: yup...
Me: so u changing ur cell?
He: must
He: my mobile is locked here
He: :(
He: I can’t use anywhere else
He: so I will buy a new one when I reach there.
He: u buy whatever
He: and tell me how it is
He: for me nokia is the best
He: I hate flip fones
He: I like my model very much
He: nokia 6280
Me: it’s too big 8-
He: flip fones r difficult to open with one hand
Me: nokia is too large to hold also…
He: yeah
He: but the display is superb
He: I have sachin foto as display pic
He: its jus gr8
Me: hmmm...
Me: many say that sony eric new models r simply gud... I mean the features...
He: hmm, they r really gud
He: they r beating nokia now
He: that’s what I heard
Me: yeah….
Me: in nokia.. I didn’t like color display...
He: but moto razer is runing hot here…

Day 3:
He: cooking
He: expect little late replies
He: how r u?
Me: okies
He: hey
He: nokia 6233 is costly
He: :(
He: $415
Me: its 14k it seems..
He: I can’t afford that much now
Me: check this one.. http://univercell.in:D
He: I have to wait for 2 months
Me: hmmm...
Me: but its 14k here da
He: it’s the same
He: when u convert
He: :)
Me: oh..oki...
Me: buy a basic phone 4 time being.. Later on switch to a nice model
He: how abt moto W220?
He: he he he
He: its written Rs 3000
Me: no idea about moto :-s
He: no…I don’t want to buy so many mobiles
He: mobile is like a gal frnd
He: i dont like switching
He: :0)
He: :))

Finally, I dropped the idea of buying both iPod and a new cell phone :)

My greatest da!

It was an year ago, I commented on his blog and later on we became good friends. A true, caring friend whom I address dada--elder brother in Bengali; the person whom I respect a lot. Sudipta's encouraging words helped me to prove myself in the classical dance-a group of six. And I performed without fear and confidence where a huge audience were enthusiastic and more than expected. For more than a week, I received best compliments from near and far ones :) I'm thankful to you, da!

We had the following conversation a couple of days, ago.

He: you know, up until the point I saw your pic I had a completely different idea about your personality and then when I talked to you it confirmed what the pic had said

: means?
didn't get u da

He: well, never mind

Me: u have to say

He: just that you come off differently on chat and on the phone/pics
Me: means?
He: ab kya means?

Me: u mean u had different image on me when we chatted
am i right?

He: yes thats right

Me: what image u had? :D

He: not sure if I can verbalize it just that it was different

Me: good or bad? :D

He: again... it is like telling which is greater
5 grams of water or 5 cm

Me: am pretty confused

He: can't say
tu confuse mat ho
jaa aram se lunch kha

Me: i understood--when we chatted
u had different image on me when u spoke it was different
on pic, different image
am i right?

He: yes... that is sort of the gist of it, except that the pic and the speaking were almost the same image and it was different from the chat image, if I may so call it

Me: accha

:) smart girl

Me: that i understood da
i just wanna know what those images were :D

He: oh... that is difficult to describe
how would you describe the feeling when you're jumping off a cliff?
there is just a feeling, right? no words to describe it
not that meeting you pushed me off a cliff :D

Me: u must say da
i wouldn’t leave u; until u speak out :P

He: lo
want me to jump off?

: will u?

He: he bhagavan
ghor kalyug aagaya

ab Manasa mujhe kuud ke apni jaan de dene ko keh rahi hai

kya hoga iss desh ka
Me: kuch nahi hoga ji
aap fikar mat karo
bataao na plz :D
kya karegi jaanke?
mere mummy se shikayat karegi?

Me: blog karoongi :)

He: ooh I see

Me: accha topic rahega na?

He: wo to hai
to dramatic bana ke likh de

Me: jaise aap kahewill u tell or not?

He: like, pehle ekdum seedhi saadhi bholi bhaali
phir baad mein ekdum chalu puriya

that will make for some spicy write-up ;)
Me: hehe
ab batao da
He: haan abhi bolo
what do you want to hear?
Me: 2 images
bolo na
ruk jaahaan so the first image was more of a person who is naive who doesn't know her way around in the world like, too simple nothing bad
but the second image conveyed a much more confident and self-respecting personality
without any loss of innocence
thats all

abhi khush?
Me: bahut khush :D
He: :)
Me: Now i understand
when u called me and saw my dance pics
aapka shak yakeen mein badal gaya :)
He: not so much as the dance pics
but the later ones
He: but yes, the dance pics were pretty impressive
Me: :D
He: but with makeup anyone looks great so it is difficult to read someone's character
later, your natural pics came and you appeared just as nice and if I may say, 'beautiful'
Me: :D
He: so my ideas were formed

Me: am flying da
am on cloud 9
He: :) sahi hai when I come to B'lore give me a treat
Me: da, suggest me a title for this
He: well, you can pick many good titles
right now I can think of
"What do you think of me"
"Connecting a face to a blog"
"Two different Manasaz"
"Who are you, online"
or this is the best suggestion
"My greatest Da" :P
Me: the last one suits best ;-)
He: :) I always knew that
Me: u be the 1st to comment
He: well, okay I'll try
let me know when you finish
Me: ok

Flying disaster

Have you seen a flying pan? I’ve! A disastrous accident happened at home when the pressure cooker flew off. Mother had added grains in the pressure pan.

The “weight” flew before it whistle blew, thus the pressure pan destroying the tap, wall tiles, kitchen roof and what not! The boiled rice struck all over the kitchen. Luckily, no one was in the kitchen. Only those stuffs were destroyed which could be replaced; not a human life. No injuries caused.

The next day, mother with lots of efforts and time opened the jammed cooker which had no handles from past night. The boiled rice struck over the utensils, floor and roof left the pan empty required a major clean up.

The whole incident would cause a chill through the spine.

Though, I’ve heard major accidents of pressure cookers which may claim a life, it’s a part of daily routine.

Cooking using a pressure pan; now I fear ;)


Don't you feel happy and trustworthy when near and dear ones come to you for advice or suggestion? Now-a-days, so many people ping me asking for suggestions/advice. I'm loving it :)))

A couple of months ago, a close friend of mine rang up asking me to suggest a good camera with better features and the estimated cost range. I explained to her the best brands, recent camera model. Experimenting the camera, she appreciated me for the good suggestion by me :)

Couple of weeks ago, a neighbour of mine abroad on a dependent visa, e-mailed me which course would be better there; suggested that learning a foreign language would be better.

A few days ago, another friend asked me to suggest a high end phone with all features. After owning the phone, thanks you for suggesting a nice one.

I wish I start a consultancy ;-) Not f(R)ee :D