Don't you feel happy and trustworthy when near and dear ones come to you for advice or suggestion? Now-a-days, so many people ping me asking for suggestions/advice. I'm loving it :)))

A couple of months ago, a close friend of mine rang up asking me to suggest a good camera with better features and the estimated cost range. I explained to her the best brands, recent camera model. Experimenting the camera, she appreciated me for the good suggestion by me :)

Couple of weeks ago, a neighbour of mine abroad on a dependent visa, e-mailed me which course would be better there; suggested that learning a foreign language would be better.

A few days ago, another friend asked me to suggest a high end phone with all features. After owning the phone, thanks you for suggesting a nice one.

I wish I start a consultancy ;-) Not f(R)ee :D


  1. Aare madam, need your advice on this --- which came first, the chicken or the egg? :D

  2. @ Satish, Thanks :)

    @ Sudipta, The egg came first.
    Source: Sudipta


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