Flying disaster

Have you seen a flying pan? I’ve! A disastrous accident happened at home when the pressure cooker flew off. Mother had added grains in the pressure pan.

The “weight” flew before it whistle blew, thus the pressure pan destroying the tap, wall tiles, kitchen roof and what not! The boiled rice struck all over the kitchen. Luckily, no one was in the kitchen. Only those stuffs were destroyed which could be replaced; not a human life. No injuries caused.

The next day, mother with lots of efforts and time opened the jammed cooker which had no handles from past night. The boiled rice struck over the utensils, floor and roof left the pan empty required a major clean up.

The whole incident would cause a chill through the spine.

Though, I’ve heard major accidents of pressure cookers which may claim a life, it’s a part of daily routine.

Cooking using a pressure pan; now I fear ;)


  1. your mom forgot to put water in the pressure cooker?..i did the same and smoke started alarm started..uffff i had tough time taking care of the situation

  2. Wow... I'm glad that everyone is okay. I know --- it must have been a real mess to clean up.

    BTW, nice new picture on the top! :)

  3. @ Satish, lol. You're a newbie in cooking :P
    My mom had added the water. The weight flew before the whistle. Rice was done.

    @ Sudipta, Yes, needed loads of efforts to clean the kitchen :(
    The pic suits the title, thanks :)


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