My greatest da!

It was an year ago, I commented on his blog and later on we became good friends. A true, caring friend whom I address dada--elder brother in Bengali; the person whom I respect a lot. Sudipta's encouraging words helped me to prove myself in the classical dance-a group of six. And I performed without fear and confidence where a huge audience were enthusiastic and more than expected. For more than a week, I received best compliments from near and far ones :) I'm thankful to you, da!

We had the following conversation a couple of days, ago.

He: you know, up until the point I saw your pic I had a completely different idea about your personality and then when I talked to you it confirmed what the pic had said

: means?
didn't get u da

He: well, never mind

Me: u have to say

He: just that you come off differently on chat and on the phone/pics
Me: means?
He: ab kya means?

Me: u mean u had different image on me when we chatted
am i right?

He: yes thats right

Me: what image u had? :D

He: not sure if I can verbalize it just that it was different

Me: good or bad? :D

He: again... it is like telling which is greater
5 grams of water or 5 cm

Me: am pretty confused

He: can't say
tu confuse mat ho
jaa aram se lunch kha

Me: i understood--when we chatted
u had different image on me when u spoke it was different
on pic, different image
am i right?

He: yes... that is sort of the gist of it, except that the pic and the speaking were almost the same image and it was different from the chat image, if I may so call it

Me: accha

:) smart girl

Me: that i understood da
i just wanna know what those images were :D

He: oh... that is difficult to describe
how would you describe the feeling when you're jumping off a cliff?
there is just a feeling, right? no words to describe it
not that meeting you pushed me off a cliff :D

Me: u must say da
i wouldn’t leave u; until u speak out :P

He: lo
want me to jump off?

: will u?

He: he bhagavan
ghor kalyug aagaya

ab Manasa mujhe kuud ke apni jaan de dene ko keh rahi hai

kya hoga iss desh ka
Me: kuch nahi hoga ji
aap fikar mat karo
bataao na plz :D
kya karegi jaanke?
mere mummy se shikayat karegi?

Me: blog karoongi :)

He: ooh I see

Me: accha topic rahega na?

He: wo to hai
to dramatic bana ke likh de

Me: jaise aap kahewill u tell or not?

He: like, pehle ekdum seedhi saadhi bholi bhaali
phir baad mein ekdum chalu puriya

that will make for some spicy write-up ;)
Me: hehe
ab batao da
He: haan abhi bolo
what do you want to hear?
Me: 2 images
bolo na
ruk jaahaan so the first image was more of a person who is naive who doesn't know her way around in the world like, too simple nothing bad
but the second image conveyed a much more confident and self-respecting personality
without any loss of innocence
thats all

abhi khush?
Me: bahut khush :D
He: :)
Me: Now i understand
when u called me and saw my dance pics
aapka shak yakeen mein badal gaya :)
He: not so much as the dance pics
but the later ones
He: but yes, the dance pics were pretty impressive
Me: :D
He: but with makeup anyone looks great so it is difficult to read someone's character
later, your natural pics came and you appeared just as nice and if I may say, 'beautiful'
Me: :D
He: so my ideas were formed

Me: am flying da
am on cloud 9
He: :) sahi hai when I come to B'lore give me a treat
Me: da, suggest me a title for this
He: well, you can pick many good titles
right now I can think of
"What do you think of me"
"Connecting a face to a blog"
"Two different Manasaz"
"Who are you, online"
or this is the best suggestion
"My greatest Da" :P
Me: the last one suits best ;-)
He: :) I always knew that
Me: u be the 1st to comment
He: well, okay I'll try
let me know when you finish
Me: ok


  1. Wow! You actually took that last suggestion! Thank you! And be as lively and nice as you are forever!

    - Da :)


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