Out of dilemma

This post has been lying in the bin for more than an year. Here I publish another conversation with a friend abroad, discussing which mobile phone to opt for.

Disclaimer: Published this post with the consent of my friend :D

Me: you there?
He: filling your "true color"
Me: means?:-s
He: from the blog
Me: didn’t get u da...
He: what’s your true color?
Me: blue :D
He: it is in your blog
He: I am filling it
Me: that’s what it told
Me: where?? Commenting is it?
He: no no
He: I am finding my true color
Me: ;))
He: again comment?
He: you dragged 7 of them to comment on your art :))
Me: hey, which cell phone you have? Nokia or Sony?
He: was seeing that as well
He: nokia
He: nokia 6280
He: yourself?
Me: I didn’t force anyone to comment
Me: 3220...
Me: am planning to buy a new one :D
He: wow
Me: but bit confused... sony or nokia....:-s
He: nokia
Me: y?
He: it’s got the best service centers
Me: ok..
He: and the battery is good
Me: ok.. Heard many saying sony is also good :)
He: well
He: I feel nokia is the best
Me: yeah.. Me too :)
Me: am confused as to which 1 to buy.. Cell with all features or iPod...
Me: I really get bugged up in the bus...
He: cell phone with mp3 player
Me: I checked out ipod, sony mp3 player and creative zen as well...
Me: I liked creative a lot... it has lots features than ipod and sony:)
He: ipod!
Me: but ipod isn’t having much features da...
He: really?
He: I dunno tht
He: I am away from ipods....
Me: any of your friends having ipod?
He: yes
He: few of my friends have it
Me: ok.. What do they say about it?
He: they say ipod is the best
He: it’s their best friend now
He: :))
Me: oh.. What abt creative zen???
Me: check out http://creative.com
Me: it’s truly good...
Me: check it now...
He: my roomy says ipod is the best
Me: oh.. ok.. what abt creative zen??
He: how is customer support for creative?
He: my roomy asking that
Me: donno:-s
Me: I checked out only on the net... so no idea abt it...
He: he feels ipod has best customer support
Me: oh... ok...
He: and its apple’s.
Me: what all can u store in that?
He: it’s like the leader in the mp3 players
He: video
Me: many say that we've store only in sum specific format it seems....
Me: is it so?
He: u see
He: iTunes can be converted
He: my friends have no problem
He: they use laptops, desktops
He: and ipods
Me: can I store ms-word, excel as well?
He: dunno
Me: is he having nano or 30gb?
Me: ask him once..
He: 30 GB
He: he is not here :D
He: he is an ipod freak
He: he had no problems
Me: when he comes u ask him n tell me..:)
He: u need to wait then
He: I will scrap him and ask
He: in orkut
He: :))
Me: okies... no probs... I need to buy a good one.. Matter of huge amt... thats y...
He: ok

Day 2:He: hey manasa
Me: hi :)
He: decided your gadget?
Me: nope.. Not yet :-s [confused smiley]
Me: heart says sony ericcson .. Mind says nokia... total confusion :(( [crying smiley]
Me: have dropped the idea of iPod
He: ohh
He: heart and mind matter
He: very confusing then
He: put inky pinky ponky
Me: yesterday went to doctor... wasn’t doing well...
He: ohhh
He: what happened?
He: u ill?
Me: asked him, is it good to listen to music with ear phone daily...
He: well, head phone is better than ear plugs
Me: he told by the time we're 34-35 yr old... our nerves would become weak...
He: hmmm
He: thanks for the info
Me: ;))
He: I hear in the morning daily
Me: had read an article on this long back... but we got to think of our future also right??
Me: he told if we listen for 3-4 min.. Its ok... but long duration Not Adviced...
He: and when waiting for trains
He: do you read novels to spend time?
Me: yup... I read novels...
He: hmm
Me: what about you?
He: I prefer novels in trains
Me: oh.. okay...
He: but sometimes I hate carrying novels due to the fear of losing them somewhere
He: instead ear plug with mobile is better
Me: I asked him about reading novels in bus... he told there will be too many jerks while traveling in bus and this strains eye also...
He: :-O
He: what the hell can we do then?
Me: see, we do so many things which affect our sense organs without our knowledge...
Me: hmmm
Me: in school, we were always taught to read under proper light...
He: listen we can go by dr's advice only to a certain extent :))
He: when I go with my friends I don’t want novels or ipod but alone for 30 to 40 minutes
Sometimes I keep sighting gals in trains. It’s a treat to senses :)) Not disturbance to
Me: ;))
Me: what else work do u guys have?? :O
He: true
He: got no other work
He: we are enjoying the beauty
Me: that’s better than ear phone right?
He: better than novels as well
Me: ;))
He: I hear to vishnu sahasrananam in the morning from my mobile
Me: gr8...
He: so I close my eyes in the train
Me: that’s better
He: not to be disturbed by a gal :))
Me: good boy ;;)
He: only in the morning
He: :))
He: until I finish hearing that
Me: hmmm….
He: then my hunting starts
He: u see we need correct balance
He: :))
Me: I sleep in the bus :D
He: I don’t do that
He: I feel I lose my freshness
Me: after I reach there I wash my face...:)
He: hmmm
He: again we need to wash our face, and then comb hair
He: etc etc
Me: yeah, right
He: I don’t do that
He: just go straight into my lab or class
He: or the work place
He: after combing in the morning, I never comb again
Me: hmmm….
He: we can’t expect that with gals
He: :))
He: they have a make-up set always
Me: that’s why guys always behind gals :P
He: may be
He: well for me. make-up is the turn on
He: jus a cheerful face
He: make-up is artificial
Me: yeah….true…
He: good looking is god's grace
He: but we need to look good, that’s in our hands
Me: :)
Me: I can blog abt our conversation right? ;)
Me: nice topic… it'll be...
He: hmmm….
He: what’s so nice?
He: this is jus a good conversation
He: not to blogging extent'
He: well
Me: ;))
He: u make ordinary things look good in your blog
Me: summa... teasing that’s it
Me: shall I blog, then?
He: no worries
Me: :) that’s the spirit dude...
He: but I cant comment :D
Me: why?
He: hmmm
He: I dunno… will leave an anonymous comment :D
He: well, your blog is very descriptive
He: that’s what I feel
Me: :">
Me: I make simple things very interesting is it?
He: u potray things well
He: we can imagine what really happened when we read the blog
He: actually I am like that
Me: I should have been a journalist :D
He: I say things like that to my frnds
He: true true
He: a born journalist
Me: :">
Me: u r making me fly high da :D
He: hmmm…
He: I always want people to be on earth
He: down to earth
Me: am always... no doubt... jus a few currencies in my wallet can nevva change me...
He: yeah yeah
He: u buzz often
He: yeah
He: thts gud
Me: did you check out Sony eric’s K790i? its awesome :)
He: it seems that’s a gr8 mobile with so good pixel camera
He: my nokia is 2 mega pixel
He: that itself is gr8
Me: hmmm...
He: then imagine 3.2 pixel
Me: http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=in&lc=en&ver=4000&template=pp1_loader&php=php1_10409&zone=pp&lm=pp1&pid=10409
Me: it has 3.2mp camera
He: hmmm
Me: how’s it?
He: u talking abt the phones rite
He: I can’t see walkmans here
Me: check ne phone which starts with W
He: w830i
Me: yup...
He: some server error here
Me: :((
He: Unfortunately, the server encountered an internal error and could not complete your request. Please check that you typed the address (URL) correctly.
Me: oki.. check out W550i its 10k
He: :))
Me: u liked it??:)
He: its good to look, but I could not see its features
He: what’s ur first preference?
Me: iPod :D
He: but u don’t want that now
Me: yeah... 8-
Me: :
Me: check this out..
He: hmmm…
Me: check out that phone..now
He: that page is opening slowly
Me: hmmm.. wot abt K790i???
He: Unfortunately, the server encountered an internal error and could not complete your request. Please check that you typed the address (URL) correctly.
He: =))
Me: :(
He: something wrong with server here
Me: ok..
He: I can’t help it
He: what’s ur budget?
Me: 15k..
He: for the fone?
Me: but is it worth spending so much???
He: if u think it’s a one time investment
He: the problem with mobiles is
He: u get the latest everyweek, and ur model gets cheaper
He: I would like u to go for a little old model where people already have it
Me: yeah... shall I buy N1100.. cheap n best :D
He: the latest model will have few problems which we never know
Me: yup.. that’s true..
He: go for that sony eric with 3.2 mp
He: I heard good reviews abt it
Me: 3.2 mp one?
He: s
Me: but its 18k now...
He: ohhh
He: I prefer mobiles less than 12 k
He: it’s too much beyond that
Me: yeah... that’s right
He: any mobile will look old after 2 yrs
He: :))
He: we have plans for 2 yrs here
Me: yup...
Me: so u changing ur cell?
He: must
He: my mobile is locked here
He: :(
He: I can’t use anywhere else
He: so I will buy a new one when I reach there.
He: u buy whatever
He: and tell me how it is
He: for me nokia is the best
He: I hate flip fones
He: I like my model very much
He: nokia 6280
Me: it’s too big 8-
He: flip fones r difficult to open with one hand
Me: nokia is too large to hold also…
He: yeah
He: but the display is superb
He: I have sachin foto as display pic
He: its jus gr8
Me: hmmm...
Me: many say that sony eric new models r simply gud... I mean the features...
He: hmm, they r really gud
He: they r beating nokia now
He: that’s what I heard
Me: yeah….
Me: in nokia.. I didn’t like color display...
He: but moto razer is runing hot here…

Day 3:
He: cooking
He: expect little late replies
He: how r u?
Me: okies
He: hey
He: nokia 6233 is costly
He: :(
He: $415
Me: its 14k it seems..
He: I can’t afford that much now
Me: check this one.. http://univercell.in:D
He: I have to wait for 2 months
Me: hmmm...
Me: but its 14k here da
He: it’s the same
He: when u convert
He: :)
Me: oh..oki...
Me: buy a basic phone 4 time being.. Later on switch to a nice model
He: how abt moto W220?
He: he he he
He: its written Rs 3000
Me: no idea about moto :-s
He: no…I don’t want to buy so many mobiles
He: mobile is like a gal frnd
He: i dont like switching
He: :0)
He: :))

Finally, I dropped the idea of buying both iPod and a new cell phone :)


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  2. very lengthy blog...anyway i remember every line [:)]

  3. Finally, I dropped the idea of buying both iPod and a new cell phone :)

    ha ha ha - wonderful ending

    neevu kannaDadalli bareyOlvaa?

    nimma blog nODOkke nanagyaake kutoohala eMdare - nanna magaLa hesaroo maanasa :)


    gurudEva dayaa karo deena jane

  4. @ Vikrem, :)

    @ Srinivas, Thanks! Keep visiting my blog.

  5. hmm....Sorry lost somewhere mid day 2 conversation.... :-)
    I apologize....But Will definetely read sometime...

    My Theory is You should never mix and match gadgets... I know many wont agree with me...

    For eg. Cell phone should just receive calls and should be able to make calls...adress book is an added adv...dont mix camera Mp3 in a phone/...fm is the heights...

    Anyways... I dont know if you have seen my take on IPods...
    my iPOD vAchana -

  6. @ Kishan, That's what I have concluded in the end :) A phone should be a typical phone rather than a music system or a camera. Somehow, I feel its a waste of R & D implementing so many features in a phone.

    Yup, read it. Noting can beat an iPod :D


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