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I received this email from my Fitness Instructor which has helped me to achieve a good level of fitness. Go on and read it.
  • What will help to strengthen bad knees??
Concentrate on strengthening the major muscles that stabilize the knee, including quads, hamstrings, inner thighs and outer thighs. Try doing a series of exercise using ankle weights including knee extensions, leg curls, side lying lifts for inner and outer thighs.

  • Benefits of doing Pilates on machines versus a mat…. Both help increase core strength, improve flexibility enhance your balance.
Whether you’re trying to get in shape after pregnancy or improve core stability or just flatten your midsection, Pilates is an excellent way to reach your goals.
a. FOR BEST RESULT, WORK ONE ON ONE WITH A PILATES INSTRUCTOR for first little secession to familiarize yourself with the moves, learn how to breathe and target your core muscles most effectively.
b. Keep your navel pulled in toward your spine during each move. Think of a corset being cinched up around your middle. (Most Pilates exercises engage the abs, lower back, gluts and hips.)
c. Breathe continuously during the workout. Holding your breath is counter productive.
once you master the basic, advance your secession with tools or ring or resistance band or stability (gym) ball.

  • Why is it so important to warm up and cool down?
Warming up prepares your body for more intense physical activity to come by raising its core temperature.
Cool down prevents dizziness by bringing your heart rate back to normal and lowering your body temperature. Cooling off also stops blood from pooling in your legs making your muscles feel stiff and helps remove waste product like lactic acid which can build up during vigorous activity. So never miss warm up and cool down.

  • 3 best pieces of fitness equipment to have on hand if you can’t get to a gym ……
A jump rope, resistance tube or band n an exercise ball (gym ball).
  • Wearing the same running shoe for my entire workout is safe??
Most running shoes are not built to provide any support for lateral movement, so if you are wearing them for kick boxing, tennis or even step aerobic, you’ll increase risk of injury. Invest in a separate pair of CROSS-TRAINERS for other work out.

  • Drinking water in between or after work out will give stomach cramp??
Due to increased blood circulation in your body during workout and also change in body temperature it happens. Before drinking water get back to march fast and drink water by sipping not gulping. Carry your own bottle for that sake.

  • What is BALANCED DIET? Is It advisable to cut down carbohydrate contained food to reduce weight? Can I go for fruit and vegetable fasting??
Balanced diet contain proportionate amount of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, fibers, minerals, fat n fatty acids.
Going low- carb means restricting or even cutting out entire food groups, such as healthful grains or dairy, thereby decreasing level of calcium, folate, phytochemicals n fiber. This leads constipation n fatigue.
Calcium is an especially serious concern. Too little spells trouble not only for ur bones but also muscles n energy level.
HIGH-FIBER DIET seems to be more effective for weight loss. coz fiber makes u feel full n u eat less. High fiber contained food r beans, vegetables, fruits. Think of how much more satisfying it is to eat an apple (3grams of fiber, 80 calories) than to drink an 8 – ounce glass of apple juice (no fiber, 110 calories)
Once in 15 days or month going for FRUIT OR VEGETABLE fasting is fine not always. Since body needs balanced food.
In fact vegetarian diets have been shown to lower risk of many chronic diseases. However, these plant based plans can spell trouble- to the tune of too little protein, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.
For strict vegetarians, soy milk will help u meet ur calcium n vitamin D. its important to note that drinks like rice, oat n almond milks aren’t adequate substitute for soy milk. Sprinkle 2 daily servings of ground flaxseed (raw or roasted) (1 tablespoon = 59 calories) or walnuts (2tablespoon=81 calories) on ur oatmeal or salad for omega-3fatty acid.
CRASH DIET ALWAYS FAILS………. Diet bases on deprivation don’t do a body good. For starters, a dramatic reduction in calories often has a diuretic effect (loss of water) eat less than 1200 calories a day – the minimum amount most women need to keep all system go and you will likely burn lean muscle mass instead of fat. Drop below the minimum needed just for breathing n organ function (the calories amount varies, but it is typical around 900 calories/ Day) and your body shifts into starvation. It wont want to give up a bit of precious energy stores( i.e. fat) other drawbacks of this include low energy, disrupted sleep, hunger n extreme irritability.

They r not all that effective, and theoretically have severe risks as a drop in blood pressure, delirium n diarrhea. Best way to reduce weight is modify ur eating patterns and exercise more.
CALCIUM- osteoporosis, the loss of bone density is responsible for 1-5 million fractures of the spine, hip n wrists. The sooner u act to fend off these preventable diseases, the safer you’ll be. It’s best to get ur calcium from food rather than supplements. Coz food provides u with other critical nutrients as well: Vitamin D from diary products (which works with calcium to maintain strong bones) omega-3 fatty acid from fish, vitamin C from fortified juices n fiber from dark vegetables n fortified cereals. And getting calcium from food sources also may help you TO LOOSE WEIGHT. Calcium may aid in the breakdown of body fat. It means that the more calcium a fat cell has the more fat the cell will burn. Daily recommended calcium for women ages 19-50 is 1,000mg/day between 51 and older 1,200mg/day.

Getting ur heart pumping on a REGULAR basis can help to prevent a RANGE OF DISESES. But not all types of aerobic activity r equally good for warding off osteoporosis. The best r weight bearing exercises, especially those with the greatest impact on bone. Such as squats, leg presses, lat. Pull down, lat.Rows, back extensions, dumbbell presses and step aerobics

DIET CHATR now u know that what all food contain what, make ur own diet chart.
Have 6 small meals/day with an interval of 2 -2.30 hrs
Have any kind of food which is rich in fibers.
Have adequate protein, including pulses; paneer, chicken etc.
Drink at lest minimum 8 to 10 glasses of water.

For ur breakfast look for whole wheat bread or cereal that contain 5gms of fiber per serving. Dosa, idlli, chapatti also good for breakfast. They contain carbohydrates as a source of energy for whole day and pleasure. Never skip any meals if u r planning to loose weight since that is also one of the causes for gaining weight.
Sleep is also one of the causes to gain weight
Regularly cutting back on sleep impairs ur mental skills as much as not sleeping at all for a few days. Sleeping 8hrs daily always better than sleeping 6 hrs or less.

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